1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 452 sqft Tiny House

A Lakeside Haven: Tiny House Living by Tellico Lake

Discover the allure of compact living with the Saltbox, a meticulously designed 452-square-foot tiny house by the acclaimed architect Jeffrey Dungan. Nestled along the serene shores of Tellico Lake, this diminutive dwelling redefines the concept of home, offering breathtaking 270-degree views and a harmonious blend of modern and classic design elements.

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Tiny House Grandeur: Maximizing Space and Style

Step inside the Saltbox to experience a space that effortlessly combines sophistication and comfort. The floor plan, inspired by the classic “lean-back” design, serves as a testament to simplicity, showcasing how limited square footage can be artfully maximized for both space and style. In this tiny house, every detail is carefully curated to evoke a sense of grandeur within a compact footprint.

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Outdoor Oasis: Covered Porches for Tiny House Tranquility

One of the first striking features of the Saltbox is its covered front and back porches. In a tiny house where every square foot counts, these outdoor spaces become integral extensions, providing a breath of fresh air and a place to relish the natural beauty that surrounds this lakeside retreat. The porches enhance the sense of tranquility, offering residents a unique opportunity to connect with the outdoors.

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Airy Ambiance: Raised Ceilings and Abundant Windows

Escape the perceived constraints of compact living with raised ceilings reaching 8 feet, creating an airy and spacious atmosphere within the Saltbox. The abundance of windows, strategically placed to capture the scenic surroundings, floods the interior with natural light. Particularly noteworthy are the raised windows at the front end, contributing to the tiny house’s panoramic 270° viewing experience. These design elements redefine the traditional notions of confined living spaces.

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Interior Ingenuity: Well-Organized and Attractive Living Spaces

Despite its modest size, the Saltbox’s interior is a masterclass in organization and aesthetics. From a living area that accommodates two chairs and a sofa to a kitchen designed for a table that seats six, every inch is thoughtfully utilized.

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The clever design challenges preconceptions about tiny houses, proving that living small does not equate to compromising on comfort or style. Join us as we explore the surprising spaciousness hidden within the walls of this tiny house.

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Culinary Comforts: Kitchen Delights in a Tiny House

The heart of the Saltbox, its kitchen, stands out for its functionality and style. Equipped with a smaller-than-traditional oven, four gas ranges, a dishwasher, and a not-so-full-size refrigerator, the kitchen boldly declares that a tiny house doesn’t mean sacrificing culinary comforts. Quartz countertops and a single sink add a touch of luxury, creating a cooking space that defies the norms of compact living. Dive into the details of a kitchen that challenges expectations and showcases the potential of tiny house living.

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Cozy Retreat: Bedroom Bliss in a Tiny House

Unveil the unexpected luxury within the Saltbox—a bedroom complete with a full bathroom and a tub. With 12-foot ceilings, strategically placed windows, and a French door leading to a back porch, this tiny house bedroom feels anything but cramped. Two small closets provide ample storage, and the parquet floors and ceilings add a touch of timeless elegance. Discover the design choices that make this space both inviting and opulent, demonstrating that a tiny house can be a sanctuary of comfort and style.

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Jeffrey Dungan’s Signature: Crafting Luxury in Tiny House Living

Explore the genius behind the Saltbox’s design, courtesy of Jeffrey Dungan, a world-famous architect from Birmingham, Alabama. Dungan’s expertise shines through, as the Saltbox was meticulously crafted with the holiday home crowd, especially those at the upper echelons of the market, in mind. Far from a rudimentary dwelling, this tiny house exudes a sense of luxury that challenges conventional expectations.

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The Price of Elegance: Investing in the Tiny House Lifestyle

Is the allure of lakeside luxury and meticulous design worth the $100,000 investment? Uncover the details behind the price tag attached to the Saltbox and consider whether the promise of a luxurious tiny house living experience justifies the cost. Delve into the potential benefits and challenges of embracing a tiny house lifestyle in pursuit of a unique and refined living experience.

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Eco-Friendly Living: The Tiny House and Environmental Harmony

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Saltbox is designed to be environmentally friendly. Explore the sustainable features, including energy-efficient windows, a tankless water heater, and an optional rainwater collection system. Learn how these eco-conscious choices contribute to reducing the environmental impact of this tiny house, making it an appealing option for those seeking a greener way of living.

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Mobility and Compliance: Tiny House Freedom

Discover how the Saltbox aligns with international residential building codes, offering the freedom to place this tiny house anywhere while complying with local and state building regulations. Explore the potential of tiny houses as versatile solutions for urban infill and affordable housing challenges. Consider the impact of these compact dwellings on the evolving landscape of urban living.

Photo Courtesy of Designer Cottages

In conclusion, the Saltbox by Jeffrey Dungan transcends the limitations of its size, offering a luxurious and environmentally conscious living experience. This comprehensive exploration reveals a tiny house that challenges preconceptions, making a compelling case for the elegance, practicality, and sustainability of the tiny house lifestyle.

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