10 amazing DIY Tiny Houses

Embarking on a quest to explore the enchanting world of do-it-yourself tiny houses, I’ve had the pleasure of immersing myself in the charm and functionality of these remarkable abodes. Join me as we traverse through 10 unique tiny house retreats that offer the perfect blend of comfort and creativity.

1. KitHAUS’ K5 & K6 Series:

Upon entering KitHAUS’ K5 and K6 series, I was instantly captivated by the ingenious design that seamlessly transforms open spaces into versatile hubs. From fully-functioning houses to tranquil escape pods and weekend retreats, these prefabricated modules boast a sleek aesthetic. The lightweight and durable M.H.S. structural anodized aluminum framing, available in silver or bronze, provide a lasting solution resistant to rust, mold, and termites.


2. EZ Supply Modern 1-Bedroom:

Who would have thought that a house from Amazon could be so alluring? The EZ Supply Modern 1-Bedroom tiny house, delivered complete with roofing, flooring, electricity, and plumbing, is a modern marvel. The plate glass walls create an illusion of spaciousness, making it a delightful space to call home.

EZ Supply

3. KitHAUS’ K3 Series:

Step into the lap of luxury with KitHAUS’ K3, an over-the-top modern outdoor office pod. Boasting an architect-grade design, this 103 square feet modular office is not only a haven for work but also a retreat for relaxation. The toughened glass wall design, along with sound insulation, fireproofing, ventilation, and lighting, provides an optimal work environment.


4. Allwood’s Bonaire Cabin Kit:

Transforming your patio into a mini-resort is now a reality with Allwood’s Bonaire Cabin Kit. While it may take five days to set up, the timeless design crafted from top-quality Nordic spruce wood is worth the wait. The 225 square feet space, complemented by large windows, is perfect for a garden house or guest retreat.

Bonaire Cabin

5. Jamaica Cottage Shop’s Writer’s Haven:

Dreaming of a hideaway for creative endeavors, the Writer’s Haven from Jamaica Cottage Shop beckons. The translucent roof panel and windows flood the 168 square feet space with natural light, creating an inspirational haven. Available as a frame-only kit or a complete pre-cut kit, it caters to various preferences, making it an ideal retreat for year-round comfort.

Jamaica Cottage

6.Allwood Eagle Ridge Cabin :

Allwood’s Allwood Eagle Ridge Cabin, with its timeless design and solid Nordic Spruce wood, fits seamlessly into any garden or pool area. The 360 square feet space, featuring double doors and expansive windows, transforms into a versatile guest house, recreation center, or yoga studio. With assembly requiring minimal tools, this cabin becomes a reality in just three days.

Eagle Ridge Cabin

7. Jamaica Cottage Shop’s Vermont Cottage A:

Don’t be deceived by its modest exterior; the Vermont Cottage A from Jamaica Cottage Shop offers ample space for the entire family or visiting guests. This 1-bedroom cabin-style house, with a base area of 320 square feet and a loft area of 96 square feet, exudes charm. The open floor plan and high ceiling invite endless possibilities, whether it’s a summer house, art studio, or year-round living.

Vermont Cottage 

8. Jamaica Cottage Shop’s Church Street:

For a quaint addition to your garden, look no further than the Church Street shed from Jamaica Cottage Shop. With its charming cottage-style exterior, exposed post and beam framing, shiplap pine sheathing, and asphalt roof shingles, this 96 square feet structure is an adorable contender. It’s perfect for those seeking a rustic retreat.

cute cottage 

9. Summerwood’s Nomad Modern Bunkie:

Summerwood Products presents the Nomad Modern Bunkie, a modern twist on the classic cabin. With customizable sizes starting from 100 square feet, this cabin offers a high ceiling, large windows, and loft design, providing a bright and airy interior. The option to add a custom front porch enhances the appeal of this retreat.

Nomad Modern Bunkie

10. Summerwood’s Oban Mini:

Closing our journey with affordability and style, the Urban Studio from Summerwood beckons with its fresh, modern design. Priced under $25,000, it is an ideal choice for outdoor living space, whether as a poolside studio, home office, or entertainment area. The opportunity for upgrades, such as walls and roof insulation, adds versatility to this budget-friendly gem.

Oban Mini

My exploration of these 10 do-it-yourself tiny houses has been a delightful journey into the world of innovative design, functionality, and charm. Each retreat has its unique character, offering a plethora of possibilities for those seeking a cozy and personalized haven. Whether it’s a serene escape, a creative space, or a guest retreat, these tiny houses have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on my wandering soul.

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