$100K Off-Grid Paradise: Explore the Allure of This Charming 256-Sq Ft Cottage

In the idyllic landscapes of Mountain View, HI, a 256-square-foot cottage stands as a testament to sustainable living and minimalist charm. Tailored for preppers, Airbnb aficionados, and tiny house enthusiasts alike, this diminutive dwelling offers a unique blend of off-the-grid functionality and modern comfort.

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 Eco-Friendly Elegance: Solar Power, Propane, and the Unlikely Luxury of a Flushing Toilet

Venturing beyond the conventional, this tiny house boasts eco-friendly features that define its sustainable allure. Solar panels harness the abundant Hawaiian sun, powering the cottage alongside a propane system. Notably, a water collection tank not only ensures resource efficiency but also facilitates the rarity in tiny living—a flushing toilet, elevating the comfort quotient.

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Cozy Quarters: Two Beds, Vintage Stove, and a Loft for Unparalleled Comfort

Despite its modest footprint, the interior of this tiny abode surprises with its thoughtful design. Accommodating both a queen and a full bed, the sleeping quarters offer flexibility and comfort. The sea-green 1920s stove adds a touch of vintage charm to the compact kitchen, while the sleeping loft provides a private retreat within the confined space.

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Tropical Tranquility: Porch Views and Uninterrupted Serenity

Step outside onto the small porch, where residents can savor tropical drinks and immerse themselves in the serenity of the lush surroundings. The cottage, surrounded by verdant foliage and accessible only by unpaved roads, provides an unparalleled level of privacy and a genuine connection with nature.

Vacation Rental Success: An Airbnb Gem with Rave Reviews

Built in 2016, this tiny house has not only captured the hearts of its inhabitants but also the attention of vacationers. Successfully listed on Airbnb, it generates $2,000 in monthly revenue, boasting a five-star rating and glowing reviews that attest to its unique charm as a memorable getaway.

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Financial Considerations: Navigating the Unique Realities of Cottage Ownership

Aspiring owners must grapple with the financial nuances of tiny house living. With conventional mortgages often inaccessible for such unconventional dwellings, the $100,000 price tag may seem daunting. However, the current owner sweetens the deal by offering to finance $50,000, presenting an opportunity for prospective buyers to step into the world of tiny living.

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 Location Perks: Unpermitted, Yet Surrounded by Nature’s Bounty

While the absence of permits may raise eyebrows, the property’s prime location on the Big Island halfway between Hilo and Volcano mitigates concerns. Unpaved roads ensure a peaceful, secluded existence, with the added advantage of being less than an hour’s drive from both beaches and volcanoes. Stargazing enthusiasts will find the night sky here nothing short of breathtaking.

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Dive deep into the story of this $100,000 off-grid paradise, where simplicity meets luxury, and unconventional living becomes an enchanting reality for those willing to embrace the tiny house lifestyle.

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