15 Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb in Turkey

Are you thinking about taking a break in your life? Or looking for a tiny house to stay in for some time? And confused about which house is good for you or which one is not?

If yes, then you are at the right place because today we are going to talk about 15 Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb in Turkey. This article is going to help you in case of choosing a good tiny house so without any further delay let’s start today’s article.

15 Tiny houses on Airbnb in Turkey

1. Fully Detached Modern Mini Tiny House

This tiny house is calmly situated in Sapanca, Sakarya, Turkey. This dwelling place is architected and designed by the best of the best architectures to provide you with nature and comfort as well. The cool breeze and the green scenery here play a positive role in your attitude.

These colors around us are the sign of life. The green color is always constructive if you’re fed up with this tiring routine. This tiny house can occupy 3 guests. It comprises 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and 1 double bed.

When you buy our services you get access to the entire tiny house and your privacy is always concerned. So, if you’re having holidays and wanna have a peaceful place to spend optimistic time, with yourself or with your loved one, it’s gonna be the right place.

And an additional offer that excites the people most is a pool in this house. This private pool cools your summers and aids you to have definite memories.

Not only your summers are concerned, but the cold weather is also taken into consideration. For that, we have an indoor wood fireplace. This will help you in cold weather.

This house does give you access to a kitchen where you can go and enjoy the meal you want. Another thing our services include is the outdoor dining area and it looks mesmerizing at night.

Airbnb – $208/night 

2. Holiday Villa Close to the Beach with Pool and Jacuzzi Garden

This exceptional tiny house is built in Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey. Holiday villa can serve better for 2 guests only. It has a single luxurious bedroom. And that bedroom has a double bed.

Their Services do offer extra bed sheets, toilet paper, combs, iron, and a hair drier. You can have the opportunity to work from this house because it includes a table with a chair and enough space for the laptop.

What they do offer in this tiny house is a splendid kitchen and dining area. This dining can be set outdoor because they provide outdoor furniture as well. This tiny house allows you to have a private entrance.

This is the best honeymoon villa having a private pool. This is the place if you’re having any concerns about your privacy.

The Garden Terrace is an additional thing that adds beauty to this place. It’s an exciting and eye-catchy place to spend a memorable time. So you can come to lavish your holidays in this villa with a loved one.

This terrace gives you direct contact with both sunlight and nature. And you feel light and happy after a visit there.

One thing that may thrill you the most is the presence of Karaot beach within walking distance from this house. And their services give you access to have a tour of this wonderful place.

Airbnb – $47/night

3. Peaceful Bungalow with Private Pool Surrounded by Nature in Sapanca

The peaceful and magnificent bungalow is located at Sapanca, Sakarya in Turkey. The maximum space it can offer is for 4 guests. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 3 beds one double, and two single beds.

A classy pool here makes this place extravagant. The balcony of this beautiful house gives you a peaceful place where you can have a cup of coffee and forget about the whole world. The backyard here is mesmerizing.

The natural view of the backyard is so serene that you feel much better and relaxed. They also offer some books and toys for the children if you’re having them with you.

You are provided with all the essentials for the bedroom like extra blankets and bedsheets as well. The services of laundry are there for you.

The whole bungalow is surrounded by the nature. And nature is a power that can heal all of your sorrows and grief. This beautiful place is sandwiched between the two populated cities. If you’re tired of all your hectic routines, this is gonna be a game-changer.

This is a happy place if you’re gonna have a family tour. As it can occupy 4 guests it can be the right choice to make your time worth spending with family.

Otelz – $131/night 

4. Alley Tiny House – Soleil

The location of this cool tiny house is in Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey.

One amazing fact about this house is that pets are allowed. The pets will make you fall in love with them due to their sweet activities and innocence.

The garden here is also exceptional. It brings comfort to your hectic routine if you sit in it and listen to the sweet sounds of the birds.

The view here soothes your eyes and you feel addicted to this beauty. The garden also has garden swings, bar stools, and benches for you to enjoy there.

It has a capacity for 3 guests. This house has one bedroom. And the bedroom is well furnished having all the accessories you need and contain a double bed. It does have one bathroom for use.

This artistically designed house has an open kitchen where you can have meals for yourself. The wooden veranda here aids you to enjoy the beauty of nature and the weather swings.

Airbnb – $78/night

5. Minimalist Sapanca

This prodigious tiny house is placed in Sapanca, Sakarya, Turkey.

It can accommodate 3 guests very well. Because it has one bedroom and in that bedroom, you have one double bed and other quality furniture as well. You also have one bathroom for use.

This complete package also includes a living room. The living room is provided with a sofa bed. And in the living room, they have sources for your entertainment.

For your entertainment, they also provide you with an HD TV and that also has Netflix. Not only this, but they also offer some reading material and books of your taste.

If you’re in search of such a peaceful place where you can come close to nature and soothe yourself, and with all these things you do wanna complete your work, this is the right place. Because they provide you with a workplace. You can have a table, chair with a laptop space.

The kitchen of this mini residence is phenomenal and you find all the things here to provide yourself with the meal. It also has a mini-fridge for you there.

Besides all the above-mentioned things, you can get access to the lake near this house whenever you want.

The most amazing thing is the location having a pool and garden as well. Both of these features of this house are amazing.

Airbnb – $191/night

6. Are You Ready for the Bungalow Just For You ?

The most distinguishing feature of this villa is its building material. It’s a completely wooden villa. And you can feel the texture and the smell of the wood as well.

This untraditional villa is located in Fethiye, Mugla, which occurs in Turkey. The giant pool in this villa is an eye-catching place where you can pass a remarkable time.

It is a place that can bear 2 guests only. So it has a single bedroom with only one double bed. And the last thing is the bathroom.

This beautiful villa has a Jacuzzi in open but it is sheltered with a shade in the garden. This helps you to relish the summer season for sure.

Enjoy your coffee in the garden with the World’s best view ahead leaving all the negative things that hurt you behind. No noise no disturbance here. Just you and nature, you can even feel the birds chirping here.

They deeply work on our services to provide you privacy so that you can spend the time the way you want.

Airbnb – $99/night

7. Totally Private Tiny House in Üzümlü Village


This private villa is located in Antalya in Turkey. The private villa Üzümlü Village is hosted by Erdal. It can occupy 4 guests in total.

And it has 2 bedrooms that are well furnished and totally clean. These bedrooms have 2 beds to be used. This villa does have 2 bathrooms.

It means this tiny house is a complete package to visit with family and have memories together.

As the trend of these tiny houses and villas started only a few years ago, there’re few choices in the market. But this is gonna be the right choice. As your privacy is the main concern of the team working there.

Considering this fact, you’re also provided with a private entrance to your house. This villa does have an incredible pool for you.

Though these houses are built and designed in a very tiny area you’re given all the facilities and the services you need to have a great vacation.

In this house, you do have a closet to manage your clothes and other primary products in it.

Airbnb – $93/night

8. He is a Small Nature Big ‘Badem Tiny House’

This mesmerizing villa is situated in Sariliman Island, Mugla, Turkey. This villa is spacious as it can bear 4 guests for sure. It has 2 bedrooms designed by the great architecture.

It’s an absolute place to have a holiday tour and they assure you the privacy you want. And these two things are primary for the creation of unforgettable memories.

It’s the most Romantic place to have holidays for the couple. And it’s obviously the calmest and nourishing environment for the children to breathe and spend time in. This is all that they offer through this tiny house.

They do have pets here and you also are allowed to bring your ones.

Airbnb – $104/night

9. Alley Tiny House

This breathtaking villa is located in Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey.

This marvelous villa has space for 4 guests means it’s enough to have a family tour. It has a single bedroom and in the bedroom, there’s a double bed.

And one sofa bed is also present in this house. Alley tiny house does have one bathroom and all the essentials in it to take bath.

The pets are allowed in this house. If you need they do provide you with the extra bed sheets and blankets. You also have shades for darkening the room to have a fabulous room view.

The tiny house we’re talking about also has a travel crib. If you’re with the family we also aid you with the baby monitor.

There is a beach near this wonderfully designed house. We also deliver you each access to the beach and enjoy life with your loved ones.

The vast and lavish green garden of this house has a hammock. This is the coolest thing of the entire house I guess.

Airbnb – $78/night

10. Pentalow Tiny House

The location of this tiny house includes Kartepe, Kocaeli in Turkey. This beautifully designed and amazingly decorated house can occupy 2 guests.

It’s built-in a way that it has only one bedroom and it has only one bathroom as well. The bedroom has a double bed. And the bathroom gives you all the facilities of bath and toilet.

This is the most famous for its great location. This exceptional house is hosted by Furkan.

This house delivers you the access to park your car in the street. And you’re also allowed to bring pets with you. All the things used to decor the house show their worth and value.

The prodigious kitchen is also built in this tiny house. The kitchen has an electric stove, all the pots needed for cooking, salt, and pepper.

There is a dining table. You can also dine outdoor. All the kitchen utensils are provided to you.

To entertain you and to keep you in touch with the entire world, we offer you an HD TV and Netflix. Means hiring our services to have life the way you want to spend.

Airbnb – $93/night

11. Pyramid Sapanca Bungalow with Private Pool and Jacuzzi

The place where this bungalow is located is named Sapanca, Sakarya, in Turkey. And is the peaceful and quiet place you’ll visit ever.

It’s the most spacious house and can bear 4 guests at a time. This house has a single bedroom but it doesn’t have any bed in it. This pyramid bungalow has a shared bath.

Through this house, you get access to your own garden area and a private pool. This pool, garden, and silence make you feel relaxed and calm as well. This house helps you to pass your holidays in the right way and you remain stress-free.

One unique thing about this house is that the bedrooms are designed in mezzanine pyramids and it’s only one of this style. You can lock the door of your bedroom for privacy or safety issues as well.

In this house, we offer a dedicated workplace as well. You can have the facility of outdoor dining in this bungalow.

Airbnb – $190/night

12. Competent Bungalow Suit

The whole bungalow is hosted by Efe. This amazing and mesmerizing art is located in Mahmudiye, Sakarya, Turkey. It has space enough to accommodate 5 guests easily. There’re two bedrooms and each of them has a bed. Each bedroom is exemplary. The only bath of this house is decently furnished and soothing in view.

This house brings you close to nature as this is situated in the center of greenery and a peaceful area. The garden of this house is an art in itself. The pool here gives goosebumps when you see its view in the evening and the early morning.

The kitchen of this house is extraordinary. It owns a Microwave and cooking pans, pots oil, pepper, and salt for cooking purposes. There’s a freezer, and a mini-fridge as well. The kitchen does have a stove, barbeque utensils and silverware to be used.

The backyard of this house is worth seeing and is covered with grass. It’s also the place where you can get privacy.

This house allows you a long-term stay and provides closets to manage the clothes and other essentials.

Airbnb – $93/night

13. Tiny House Çesme, Severine Isabelle’s Garden

It’s a tiny house located in Cesme, Izmir a city of Turkey. This villa is situated in the heart of nature. And nature has healing power.

If you’re depressed and are facing any issues in your life, leave all the things and plan a visit to this house either alone or with family or friends. You’ll feel the difference for sure.

It is the house hosted by Severine Isabelle. The capacity of this house is 3 guests. It has one bedroom and two beds. One bed is double and is placed in the bedroom and the sofa bed is placed in a living room. It has a well-designed and developed bathroom.

There’s a pool inside the house facing the sea. It’s a breathtaking scene to see this view. The kitchen of this house is artistic. It has pots, bowls, plates, and cups for your assistance.

The Garden of this incredible house is worth seeing. It’s the thing that’s really amazing. The host of this house surely takes care of the garden and other things of this house.

An impactful thing about this house is the sea view that you can notice from your house. There’s also a private balcony to enjoy the weather and the sunshine.

Airbnb – $73/night

14. A Tiny Container House in Urla

It’s a tiny house built in a container. This house can occupy 5 guests at a time. It contains 2 bedrooms and each bedroom has a bed.

There’s a single bathroom in the entire house. A living room is an additional service of this house where you can enjoy TV for sure.

This beautifully designed house is situated in Urla, Izmir, and Turkey. The features that most of the people who visited their house like are the cleanliness here and also the kitchen setting of this house.

This house is hosted by Bedrettin. This house also provides you with a private way to enter the house. You can hire their services if you wanna have a gathering of 25 people. For family persons, they also deliver you the games like table games and window bars.

Airbnb – $89/night

15. Le Chic ( Dome House )

The location of the tiny dome house named Le Chic is Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey.

This dome-shaped house is hosted by Yalcin and he’s doing his services very well.

Their customers are happy due to their best services in location management and check-in experience.

This location is best for 2 guests. As it has one bedroom and it has a double bed in it. This house has a fully furnished bathroom.

The extravagant Pool is a feature of this house. They also provide a hot water tub. Their services do include breakfast and are the most popular amenity.

This house is a unique form of architecture and you’ll be amazed at the creativity of the creator at first sight.

It’s a kinda igloo suits where you spend your time and make memories being stress-free.

Airbnb – $756/night

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