A Look Inside This Charming 1972 California Cabin

Wanna enjoy yourself for some time?

Planning a trip to California?

Wanna leave all the world and be with yourself?

If yes, this rustic cottage is definitely for you.

1972 California Cabin – Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp

This artistically designed tiny house is stationed in the Mining town of Dutch Flat. This tiny house is basically a 1972 cabin that’s modernized recently last year. This cottage is the perfect place for being isolated from a world full of uncertainties, dejection, and an area full of people.

The idea was to remake this place as an ideal location for the people that love privacy and wanna be alone for some time. Just you and the forest are here. You’ve the opportunity to explore the whole town and the recreational places near this town.

Outside view of cabin – Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp

By entering this tiny house, you’ll feel yourself in the period of the railroad. But the prominent feature of this tiny house will be the harmony and seclusion there.

This tiny house has high-quality furniture and does occupy some handmade items as well. There’re some second-hand items also, and you’ll feel at home there for sure.

320 square feet tiny house is located in a blind alley.

Cabin entrance – Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp


The entrance of this cottage is through a glassy door that opens into the living room. Immediately next to it are the stairs that lead to the bedroom.

Rustic cabin bedroom. – Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp

The bedroom has a double bed in it only.

Tiny Cottage Living Room – Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp

A cozy three-seater sofa with cushions is placed in the living room to lay down on it and stare at the beauty spread around this cottage. If you’re a movie person, you’re provided with movies a mac screen to watch them and have fun. There’re large windows in the living room which are covered with blinds.

Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp

In the living room, a corner is designed for the bookshelves having large storage of books on the shelves. If you’re into the books you may find this place a blessing. And there’s not a better option than reading if you’re free and in a calm location.

Cottage Backyard – Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp

This amazingly renovated house has a backyard.

The entire house is covered with forest trees. So it’s an amazing opportunity to breathe in the natural environment while staying in this cozy cottage.

Rustic Cabin Kitchen – Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp

The kitchen of this tiny house is furnished very well.

There’s a table with two chairs around, and you can use it whether for dining or can be used as a study table. It’s all up to you.


Balcony there makes your tour more memorable by allowing the worth-seeing views of the lush green trees ahead and the peace in the forest.

Outside the tiny house, there’s a seating area as well, having a set of chairs and a table in front of it. You can use this place for complementing the sunset or to relish a cup of coffee there.

Photo Courtesy of Hipcamp

Nearby this, there’s a hammock where you can enjoy the afternoons and, also utilize this comfy place for reading.

This is an ideal location for those who wanna do away with all the hurly-burly of daily routine and the fears of it. But they aren’t into the adventures as well. If you’re of this kind, go for it.

You can experience this house for $185 per night. (Hipcamp)

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