215 square foot tiny house

Modern, useful, with a very avant-garde style preferred in its decoration, and consisting of only 215 square foot of living space, this tiny house is an indication that a small space can turn into a wonderful home with all its details.

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This tiny house was designed on a long plot of land, with little space but extremely useful. As you can see from the plan details, the result is really great.

Let’s start with the exterior of our tiny house.

The facade preferred for this tiny house was inspired by the English brick facades. A facade with large windows was created. This facade, which is also preferred when first viewed from the outside, has made the tiny house a very bright house.

Photo Courtesy Facilisimo

The idea of using the entrance of the house as a parking lot for the car, which also stands out in the plan detail, is quite successful. However, if you have space on the street, you can leave this front porch area open. In good weather, you can even have a small front garden in this front porch area.

The tiny house consists of two floors.

On the ground floor, there are common areas such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, as well as a laundry room and a small outdoor terrace. The parquets preferred on the interior floor not only create a serene atmosphere but also give depth to this area.

Photo Courtesy Facilisimo

The armchair or sofa to be preferred in the living area can be practically converted into a guest bed when a convertible model is chosen. The choice of a long dining table will create an area where guests can be hosted for dinner. When the kitchen counter, niche, and sink to be preferred in the area to be used as a kitchen are supported by cabinets with drawers, it will contribute to providing maximum order in a small area in terms of use.

Bedroom upstairs

In the bedroom that welcomes us when we go upstairs, a comfortable, canopy bed for two people has been preferred so that under the bed also provides storage space. There is also a wardrobe in this room, which allows it to be used as a very comfortable storage space both in terms of internal volume and upper area. The horizontally oriented window provides natural ventilation as well as attic lighting.

Photo Courtesy Facilisimo
Photo Courtesy Facilisimo

There is extra storage space under the stairs leading upstairs. The bathroom also extends under the stairs, as you can see in the sketch. It is possible to get a useful bathroom in this tiny house with an ideal-sized shower cabin and toilet bowl, as well as a detailed sink with a cabinet or drawer.

Coffee tones are preferred in decoration.

We see an avant-garde wind breeze in which coffee and earth tones are predominantly preferred in decoration. Lighting details such as lamps and sconces, a few decorative products, paintings, trinkets, etc. are also preferred in appropriate pastel tones to complement all these tones.

This tiny house, which promises its user a modern and practical living space in 215 square foot, really impresses with its well-solved spaces in this style.

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