Tiny House With Amazing Lake View

Hi everbody

We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Bacalar, Mexıco.

The important feature of the tiny house is its environmentally friendly structure and it was built by protecting all the trees during its construction. During the construction of the house, importance was given to the use of regional resources, low maintenance materials and environmentally friendly products. In addition, the house was built in accordance with natural conditions and the magnificent lake view was maximized.

The house is designed to support durable and sustainable infrastructure, and the method of building on Pilotis aims to prevent erosion by creating a natural route for rainwater flow and the connectivity of ecosystems through the establishment of biological corridors. At the same time, the house provides the opportunity to produce its own electricity and to use waste water by recycling.

The use of wood on the walls in the interior design of the house draws attention. Large glass panels are used to make more use of natural light. In the outer structure of the house, the natural source k’oxolaak herb was used for the design and heat insulation.

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