380 square foot tiny house

Nestled beneath the cool shade of ancient oak trees, the tiny house, a 380-square-foot marvel, exemplifies the epitome of inventive design. Dreamed into existence by the visionary architect Kim Lewis of Austin, this tiny house is not just a structure; it’s a testament to the harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor living. The tiny house is a vibrant fusion of mid-century charm and bohemian allure, seamlessly blending the warmth of indoors with the expansive wonders of nature.

Photo Courtesy of Kimlewis Designs

Integrating Nature into the Design

A cornerstone of Lewis’s design philosophy is the seamless integration of the natural world into the living space. The tiny house achieves this through its innovative L-shaped layout, connecting two gooseneck trailers with a breezeway. This design not only maximizes space but also creates a spacious deck where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur. Sunlight dances through large sliding glass doors and transoms, infusing the interior with a sense of airiness and openness. The exterior, adorned with white painted siding and dark wood accents, presents a visually captivating contrast against the verdant backdrop of the oak trees.

Photo Courtesy of Kimlewis Designs

Innovative Interior and Outdoor Design Elements

Inside, the tiny house captivates with its minimalist elegance. White walls dominate the interior, offering a canvas for the eclectic mix of furnishings and accents. A daring black accent wall in the kitchen area adds a touch of drama and sophistication. The kitchen itself is a testament to functionality and style, featuring white cabinets, shelving, and a mobile island. What makes this kitchen truly unique is its seamless connection to the outdoors. The island, equipped with a fold-down table, a two-burner cooktop, and a refrigerator drawer, invites inhabitants to indulge in the pleasures of outdoor cooking and dining. A walk-in closet, ingeniously placed over one gooseneck, accommodates storage needs while housing a convenient washer/dryer combo.

Photo Courtesy of Kimlewis Designs

Creating a Versatile Outdoor Oasis

Kim Lewis’s design philosophy emphasizes the extension of indoor comforts to the great outdoors. Her ingenious incorporation of hammocks, walk-up counters/pass-thru kitchens, and built-in benches that double as doghouses redefines the concept of outdoor living. Vibrant textiles, such as the affordable and cheerful serape blankets, add a touch of color and warmth. The highlight, however, is the wide staircase leading up to the tiny house. Lewis’s unconventional choice transforms it into stadium-style seating, offering flexibility in accommodating guests during the couple’s urban winery events.

Photo Courtesy of Kimlewis Designs

Artistic Touches and Unexpected Design Choices

The outdoor space of the tiny house is a testament to the transformative power of art and creativity. Copper panels from Parasoleil, meticulously fashioned into screen doors, offer both privacy and shade while doubling as striking artistic elements. String lights, elegantly designed outdoor fans by Fanimation, and a welcoming fire pit collectively create an ambiance that is both intimate and enchanting. Lewis’s mantra remains clear: treat your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor sanctuary, infusing it with elements that evoke coziness, charm, and a dash of the unexpected.

Photo Courtesy of Kimlewis Designs

Size and Affordability: A Compact Yet Stylish Haven

Estimating the dimensions and cost, the Tiny House, spanning 380 square feet, stands as a testament to the ingenious concept of living large in a small space. As for the price, this tiny house gem falls within the mid to high range of tiny house budgets, reflecting its unique features, meticulous craftsmanship, and the sheer creativity invested in its design.

Photo Courtesy of Kimlewis Designs

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience

In the heart of Austin, beneath the sheltering embrace of ancient oak trees, the tiny house stands tall as a beacon of innovative living. It’s not merely a house; it’s an experience, a testament to the limitless possibilities of design and the beauty of integrating nature into our living spaces. As you embark on your own design journey, take inspiration from the tiny house.

Photo Courtesy of Kimlewis Designs

Embrace the creativity of outdoor living, infuse your space with elements that reflect your personality, and let your home become a canvas where art, nature, and comfort coalesce into a harmonious masterpiece. In the realm of design, the only limit is your imagination. Let it soar, and watch as your living space transforms into a paradise where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living dissolve, and every moment is a celebration of life’s simple joys.

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