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3D Printed Tiny House Costs $10.000

The technology that has developed in the century we are in is advancing so fast that it has become a challenge to our minds. People are now using technology in every field they can think of to make life easier.

Tiny houses could be the solution to the global housing crisis

ICON is using technology in housing construction to tackle the global housing crisis. The tech company believes that traditional methods will not overcome the crisis and that the solution will be rapidly constructed and low-cost tiny houses.

A robot built the tiny house

To do this, they used design and technology to develop robotic technology that allows them to build 3D-printed houses with speed. With this technology, they partnered with Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a non-profit organization to solve the housing problems of homeless people.

All the houses in the village were built with 3D printing technology

As a first project, they started working on building a village for the homeless in Austin, Texas, all 3D printed houses. In the project they call Community First, they plan to build houses that can accommodate at least 40% of Austin’s homeless population.
The first structure of the project is a welcome center building with an area of 500 square feet.

This tiny building, modeled by Logan Architecture in a few days, was completed by robots in just 27 hours. The building, whose walls were completed with 3D printing, was covered with a roof made of wood and metal.

Vulcan the robot built the building

The walls of the tiny house were built by a robot called Vulcan, which can print up to 8.5 feet high at 5-7 inches per second. The wall material is Lavacrete, an incredibly strong, harsh-weather, Portland-based cement mix.

The cost is currently $10.000

ICON says that the cost of the one-room tiny house is currently around $10000. However, thanks to the developing technology, they think they can reduce the price of such a house to $4000.

The interior of the tiny house was designed by designer Claire Zinnecker and home furnishings company Industry West. The idea is not only to make affordable homes for people but also to create living spaces that are a real pleasure to live in.

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