3×3 Meter Three Storey Modern Tropical Tiny House

At the heart of innovation and eco-conscious living lies a true architectural miracle – a charming three-story modern tropical tiny house that redefines compact living. With an area of just 9 square meters (81 square feet), this extraordinary abode harmoniously combines recyclable wood and solid concrete, showcasing a seamless blend of nature and modernity.

Photo Courtesy of RABE Studio 

Where Nature Meets Architecture

The essence of this tiny house lies in the skillful use of materials. The house is a canvas painted with two different strokes, one of elegant, recyclable wood that stands proudly in its natural state, and the other of solid, white-plastered concrete that adds a contemporary touch.

Photo Courtesy of RABE Studio 

A Symphony of Functionality on the Ground Floor

Stepping inside, the ground floor invites you into a world full of comfort and style. The kitchen and bathroom share this space in a delimited yet fluid way. Adorned with light brown cabinets that dance in perfect harmony with its white surroundings, the kitchen is home to an array of storage solutions. From tools to appliances, everything you could possibly need in the kitchen has been thought of, even the washing machine is discreetly placed.

Photo Courtesy of RABE Studio 

A Fusion of Culinary Delights and Relaxation

A charming addition to the kitchen, this small table is a versatile companion for both dining and relaxing. Whether diving into gastronomic adventures or simply resting your weary soul, this table stands as a symbol of the friendship between form and function. At the back, the bathroom is revealed, a sanctuary covered in white ceramic tiles, and the shower area offers solace in its familiar embrace.

Photo Courtesy of RABE Studio 

Soaring Strangeness: Stairway to Serenity

Your curiosity is piqued even more when your gaze falls on the elegant wooden staircase next to the kitchen counter. This design marvel guides you upwards, its rungs seemingly suspended in mid-air, providing an ethereal ascent to the bedroom above. Each step whispers stories of craftsmanship and leads you to a bedroom with a sumptuous bed and an artfully crafted wardrobe. Sunlight dances through the elegant windows and the bedroom breathes with life, a testament to intelligent spatial dynamics.

Photo Courtesy of RABE Studio 

Terrace Charm at the Peak of Tranquility

But the journey doesn’t end there; it turns into a majestic crescendo. The artistic staircase reopens and leads you to the terrace, an oasis dominating both the view and the conversation. As you sip, savor, and share stories against the backdrop of nature’s artwork, the terrace becomes not just a vantage point but a treasured space where memories are woven.

Photo Courtesy of RABE Studio 

Testament of the Creative Life

In this tiny sanctuary, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. This three-tiered tiny house is a tribute to innovation, sustainability, and the boundless human spirit. It invites dreamers and seekers of unconventional living to step into a world where architecture embraces nature and a purposeful design story is told around every corner.

Photo Courtesy of RABE Studio 

From the elegant wood to the contemporary concrete, from the comfort of the ground floor to the panoramic views from the rooftop, this modern tropical tiny house unleashes a triple attraction, casting a spell that can only be described as mesmerizing.

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