$71,000 Tiny House Built in a Day

Our time is now very precious. Waiting for long periods to own something is both tiring and economically increasingly difficult. Especially in the construction of the houses we will live in. For this reason, people are now moving out of their big houses and moving to tiny houses to live a minimal life. Those who do not prefer to stay in a fixed house, and if they are in a hurry, prefer mobile homes more.

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These modular houses are built very fast

Mobile homes are cleverly designed to meet all the requirements of economic and modern life. They can be built very quickly and delivered within a maximum of two months from the date of order. If necessary, you can move the house from your current location to anywhere on this planet. The fact that it is off-grid makes these moves even easier.

Photo Courtesy of Drevo-house

Mošnička chose this tiny house for minimal living

If you are interested in living a minimal life and have a tiny mind for it, Roman Mošnička’s story may inspire you.

After losing his wife, Mošnička became lonely and felt that the big house was too tiring for him. His wish was to settle down in a tiny house with a garden where he could spend time with his grandchildren. She wanted to realize this as soon as possible; she didn’t have time to wait any longer.

Photo Courtesy of Drevo-house

She did some research and decided that a modular house would be the best fit for her. Devo-house was a company that made such houses. He contacted the company and got an idea of what kind of house would suit him as soon as possible and decided on one of the ready-made modular houses.

Photo Courtesy of Drevo-house

The tiny house, which was very quick to set up, arrived in Mošnička’s garden around 7 am and was ready to live in by 3 pm. Within a day, Mošnička was already living the minimal life he had dreamt of.

The tiny house is structurally sound and has strong insulation

The tiny house is built on a 387 Square Foot foundation. The usable area is 301 Square Foot. The one-story structure consists of three parts. There is a bathroom, a living area, a kitchen, and a bedroom.

Photo Courtesy of Drevo-house

The tiny house is designed with high-quality facade boards mounted on a frame made of Siberian larch. Mineral wool is used as insulation. This provides a pleasant climate all year round on a low budget. The tiny house can be connected to all networks like a normal house, or it can be designed off-grid.

Photo Courtesy of Drevo-house

Heating in the tiny house is provided by electric radiant panels placed on the ceiling. However, it can be combined with heating via a fireplace insert. The windows are in modern anthracite tones and consist of triple glazing.

Photo Courtesy of Drevo-house

Mošnička says that her tiny house is more spacious inside than it looks from the outside. He says he is quite happy with his new life. “It’s true that a person can go on collecting things all his life and then realize that he doesn’t really need them,” they add. If you are wondering about the price of the tiny house, it is $71,000.

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