A Brave Tiny House Made of Visible Concrete

If you’re dreaming of a tiny house that offers stunning views, extraordinary rawness, and the chance to reconnect with nature, this tiny house might be the one you have in mind. With just 26 square meters, this tiny house may be small but it comes with a big attitude.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

An architecture student designed the tiny house

Located in the Mexican surf town of Puerto Escondido, this tiny house was designed by architecture student Aranza de Ariño. All-in-all, this tiny house built from cast-in-place concrete is far from ordinary. Its modest scale and off-grid purity require you to leave the big houses and reconnect with those around you: nature.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

Built across a unique landscape

This tiny house is reached via a winding path and is entered through a side door opposite a small plunge pool. The pool winds westward with a large tree next to the house as an anchor between the two. The house offers stunning views of the hills in the distance and the ocean is close enough to hear the sound of its waves even though the ocean is not visible.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers
Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

The use of concrete is quite bold

No space is wasted inside. The mezzanine opens onto the two-story-high main room, while the shower and toilet are hidden behind a concrete wall and the only storage space is a recessed shelf. Shovel steps run into an attic with room for a bed and nothing more. Parota wood softens the brutal quality of the exposed concrete, but the sand still blows through the glassless windows and creepy creeps inevitably creep in.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

But despite its ruggedness, this tiny house is a place of beauty. Its minimalist design and use of concrete give it a bold and modern feel, while the surrounding nature provides a calm and calming atmosphere. The isolation of the tiny house can be overwhelming for some, but it’s the perfect getaway for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

The location of the tiny house is perfect for outings

If you need a break from isolation, Hotel Escondido is just a short walk along the beach. And if you’re feeling adventurous, with the clear skies and the possibility of encountering a snake or scorpion on the way, back home to Tiny can be one of the most romantic walks of your life.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

The tiny house is a source of inspiration as a work of art

This tiny house is not just a tiny house, it’s a work of art. While it requires some maintenance, its beauty and uniqueness make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a minimalist and off-grid lifestyle. Like a pearl in the oyster of the nearby Casa Wabi Foundation, the tiny house is a place to escape, reconnect, and be inspired.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

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