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A Frame House with Magnificent Design in Nature

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We can say it is the best among the A-frame house designs you have seen so far. The name of the project designed by architect Smiljan Radic is Casa Prisma. The house is located in southern Chile near the city of Temuco, at the foot of the mountains in Conguillío National Park.

The project consists of two buildings facing each other. The deck on which the houses are built was built on site. During the construction of the house, care was taken to be in harmony with nature and to use local products.

Dark steel panel is preferred for the exterior. Combined with the design of the A-frame house, it definitely gives the home a more modern feel.
Minimalist and modern lines stand out in the interior design of the house.
It draws attention to the perfect harmony of the dark wooden floor and the red seats preferred in the living area.

The wood stove in the living room of the house helps to keep the area warm.There is an open kitchen on the ground floor in this house, which attracts attention with its different design. You can cook against the unique view.

On the upper floor of the house, there are two symmetrically designed bedrooms. You can experience the feeling of sleeping in the tent thanks to its triangular shape.

Regardless of the season you arrive at the house, when you leave, you will leave as listened and renewed.

If you want to know about this wonderful small modular cabin, you can find it here.



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