A Modern French Country Tiny House of 832 sqft

Embracing Tiny Living: The Exterior

In the picturesque realm of contemporary architecture, a tiny house stands tall, a beacon of elegance and functionality. Nestled within a narrow lot, the modern French Country one-story home showcases meticulous design and thoughtful planning, offering a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern convenience.

Charming Details: The Exterior

Approaching this architectural gem, one is immediately struck by its striking exterior. The meticulously crafted brick facade, adorned with sturdy wood beams, exudes a sense of warmth and character, inviting guests to explore the beauty that lies within. The front stoop, elegantly framed by these charming accents, serves as a welcoming gateway to a world of comfort and sophistication.

Photo Courtesy of The House Plan Company

Welcoming Spaces: The Interior

As visitors cross the threshold, they are greeted by a foyer that seamlessly combines functionality with style. To the left, a built-in bench and cabinets offer a convenient space for daily essentials, while the open layout effortlessly leads into the spacious living room, setting the stage for cozy gatherings and lively conversations.

Heart of the Home: Dining and Kitchen

Continuing the journey, one discovers the heart of the home: the dining room. With its cathedral ceiling and abundant natural light, this inviting space serves as the perfect backdrop for cherished meals and unforgettable moments shared with loved ones. Adjacent to the dining room lies the kitchen, a chef’s delight equipped with a large island, breakfast nook, and sliding glass doors that lead to an outdoor stoop, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living.

Private Sanctuaries: Bedroom and Office

On the opposite side of the foyer lies a private sanctuary—the office. Thoughtfully designed and tucked away from the main living areas, this tranquil space offers the perfect retreat for work or study, providing a harmonious balance between productivity and relaxation. The master bedroom, a serene oasis of comfort, features two separate closets and access to the shared master bathroom, complete with a luxurious shower and tub combo, offering a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Photo Courtesy of The House Plan Company

Unlimited Potential: The Basement

But perhaps the true marvel of this modern French Country abode lies beneath the surface—a full basement brimming with endless possibilities. From a utility room outfitted with state-of-the-art appliances to a versatile space for a home gym, craft room, or additional bedrooms, the basement offers the opportunity to customize and expand the home to suit any lifestyle or preference.

Technical Excellence: Specifications

Technical details of the home further underscore its excellence. With a living space of 832 square feet, a primary foundation of basement, and exterior walls constructed with 2×6 wood frame, this residence stands as a model of durability and efficiency. The primary roof pitch of 6/12 and a snow roof load of 55 psf ensure structural integrity and safety in all weather conditions.

Photo Courtesy of The House Plan Company

A Tiny House Treasure: Conclusion

In this modern French Country masterpiece, every detail has been carefully considered to provide not only a comfortable and inviting living space but also the flexibility to adapt and evolve with the needs of its occupants over time. From its charming exterior to its functional layout and potential for expansion, this home stands as a shining example of timeless elegance and modern convenience in the heart of the neighborhood.

Photo Courtesy of The House Plan Company

As the sun sets on another day, casting a warm glow over the brick facade and wooden accents, one can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to call this modern French Country masterpiece home—a sanctuary where charm meets functionality and dreams become reality.

Photo Courtesy of The House Plan Company

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