A Plane’s Journey to a $37,000 Tiny House

Setting Wings to Rest

In the quiet outskirts of a bustling town, nestled among the trees and the soft hum of nature, lies an extraordinary dwelling. Tiny House, once a majestic Dash 8 turboprop plane soaring high in the sky, now found itself in a new chapter of its life. After years of loyal service in the clouds, it was time for the plane to retire. But retirement, for this flying veteran, was not about fading into oblivion. Instead, it was a rebirth, a transformation orchestrated by the skilled hands of the father-and-son duo, Rick and Mitch Keel.

Photo Courtesy of Aero Tiny

A Labor of Love Takes Flight

For over six weeks, the Keels meticulously worked on their ambitious project. With passion as their compass, they embarked on the incredible journey of turning the fuselage of the decommissioned Dash 8 into a sustainable tiny home. It was a task that demanded creativity, ingenuity, and an unwavering commitment to preserving the plane’s essence.

Photo Courtesy of Aero Tiny

The first step was to bid adieu to the seats that once accommodated passengers from all walks of life. This removal not only allowed for more room but also set the stage for the plane’s metamorphosis. Yet, amidst the changes, some elements remained sacred. The main door, a portal to countless adventures, stood proudly, welcoming inhabitants with the promise of a cozy abode.

Photo Courtesy of Aero Tiny

Where Sustainability Meets Comfort

In the spirit of eco-conscious living, Aero Tiny received a thoughtful off-grid update. The fuselage was gently affixed to a trailer, creating a mobile haven that could wander the highways and byways. Solar panels adorned its roof, soaking in the sun’s energy to power the home within. A bathroom, complete with a shower, became a luxurious addition, ensuring that even in the heart of nature, comfort was never compromised. And what’s a home without a kitchen? Aero Tiny boasted a kitchenette, cleverly designed for efficiency and adorned with ample storage, ready to whip up delicious meals amidst the wilderness.

Photo Courtesy of Aero Tiny

Where Charm Meets Functionality

The charm of the plane was not lost in this transformation. The rear of the home, akin to a rugged camper, opened its sliding glass doors onto a collapsible viewing deck. Here, under the vast expanse of the sky, inhabitants could revel in the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Meanwhile, the front retained the streamlined elegance of its airborne days. Portholes, adorned with decals and instructions in vivid red lettering, added a touch of nostalgia. And in a delightful twist, a fold-out, illuminated staircase gracefully extended, creating a bridge between the home and the ground below, whether it be runway, gravel, dirt, or lawn.

Photo Courtesy of Aero Tiny

A Homage to the Friendly Skies

In its new avatar, Aero Tiny offered 130 square feet of interior space. To those accustomed to the cramped quarters of economy seats on commercial flights, this space felt liberating. Original overhead bins, once homes for carry-ons and travel essentials, now provided storage for the tiny house’s inhabitants. Though the days of taxiing and takeoff were long gone, Aero Tiny stood as a tribute to the friendly skies. It was more than a home; it was a testament to the boundless creativity of the human spirit, a reminder that even retired planes could find new life, grounded yet endlessly soaring in the imaginations of those who crossed its threshold.

Photo Courtesy of Aero Tiny

In the heart of nature, under the canopy of stars, Aero Tiny found its resting place. But this was not just a resting place for a retired plane; it was a sanctuary for dreamers, a haven for wanderers, and a symbol of endless possibilities. For in every corner, in every carefully preserved detail, Aero Tiny whispered tales of its high-flying days, reminding all who entered that the sky was never the limit – it was just the beginning of a beautiful journey, one that now continued on the ground, in the comforting embrace of a tiny, sustainable, and utterly magical home.

Photo Courtesy of Aero Tiny

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