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A Tiny House Tucked in Nature

Wimberley is the village in Texas. This village has many things that make it stand out. Like, Wimberley is well known for the swimming holes, restaurants, bars, natural beauty, and unbelievable shopping centers here.

The tiny house named La Petite is remarkably designed in Wimberley, a beautiful part of Taxes in the US. Wimberley is just outside Austin.

This tiny house is an example of natural beauty with the facilities of modern life style.

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This tiny house is hosted very well by great hosts Jennifer and Gregory. The whole is surrounded by trees and the sunrise views from the garden are heart taking. If you’re a morning person, then this place is gonna be one of your favorites.

The tiny house can accommodate two guests at a time. This tiny house has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, garden, and backyard.

The rent of this mind-blowing tiny house is $185 per night. Booking Here!!!

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The kitchen of the tiny house is so amazingly designed that it occupies a refrigerator, microwave, boiler, coffee machine, toaster, and freezer. The cabins, countertop, dazzling sink are also here.

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Stairs from the kitchen lead to only the bedroom of the tiny house. The bedroom has a king-sized cozy bed for resting and relaxing.

The most prominent factor of this bedroom is the windows here. These windows allow the guests to have a view of the natural beauty spread everywhere while being on the bed.

Tiny Farmhouse Surrounded by Unobstructed Views

The bathroom is built in this tiny house very well. As it has a vanity, toilet, and a bath section.

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The backyard is maintained and established so well that the guests feel light after spending some time in this backyard. The whole backyard is covered is with grass and is fully protected.

There’s a great garden in this tiny house.

The furniture of this garden includes a table and two plastic chairs to have some quality time in this area of the tiny house with your loved one.

There’s a fire pit in this garden, and these chairs are placed around the fire pit to enjoy the fire.

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There’s a patio in the tiny house. If the guests wanna spend a memorable time under the sky, this is the best place to go with.

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Then comes the living room. It has a sofa and couch-like table in front of it. Mats are placed in every part of the tiny house.

The living room is facilitated with a TV and air conditioner. The tiny house has wall fans and portable fans for bearing temperature.

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For the book reading lovers, there’s a bookshelf having several of books. The guests can enjoy the book reading by sitting on the hammocks on the patio and being in the heart of the natural beauty.

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The Jacuzzi is placed outside the house. And it’s an incredible feature of this tiny house. Despite the outdoor Jacuzzi guests are given all the seclusion and privacy needed by the guests for sure.

Table games are there for the guests to have a fun time. Many entertainment opportunities are given like book reading, TV, Wi-Fi, games, and barbeque.

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The lighting done by the management of the house using string lights is matchless. The night views are mesmerizing.

The nights lit up using several bulbs, barbeque, and staring the moon under sky with your partner is the thing that the guests experience here.

And this is an excellent thing to do I guess for having better understanding of each other.

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An additional and marvelous feature of this tiny house is the patio here.

This is designed finely and expertly. The goods placed in the patio contain two chairs and a table, and these are placed over the beautiful carpet.

In this patio, there’re two hammocks are fixed with the roof of the patio and ensure quality time in this tiny house.

With this said, this articles come to an end. If you’re willing to have a visit that you wanna have in your memory forever with your partner, this is the place that’s most recommended.

The bedroom of this tiny house on loft is phenomenal. As the early mornings can be viewed lying in the bed and the guests can witness the nights full of stars through the ventilation of this bedroom.

Kitchen and living room are open. If you wanna have some outdoor activities, a lot of space is available as this tiny house surrounds 3 acres of the land.

Barbeque grill, hot water tub, and an outdoor shower are set outside the tiny house. The prodigious patio is also here for the guests.

So if you aren’t planning a tour, plan and execute it now by visiting this tiny house.




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