A Tiny House With a Large Sunbathing Area

In the realm of innovative tiny houses, the Ohana stands out as a true marvel. Imagine stumbling upon a pair of tiny houses, not separate entities, but seamlessly connected by a sunroom and deck. This ingenious design belongs to an adventurous family of four who turned two small abodes into a single, expansive living space that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

The Heart of the Home: A Sunlit Sanctuary

At the core of the Ohana lies its beating heart – the sunroom. Serving as the nucleus of the home, this bright and airy space not only connects the tiny houses but also offers a sanctuary bathed in natural light. Here, the family nurtures a vibrant indoor garden, basks in the sun’s warmth, and rejuvenates with a daily dose of vitamin D.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

The Deck: Where Indoor Living Meets Outdoor Freedom

Spanning the space between the tiny houses, the large covered deck emerges as the family’s favorite spot. Complete with hammocks, a dining table, and ample lounging space, it epitomizes relaxation and outdoor entertainment. When weather permits, the deck seamlessly extends into the sunroom, creating a harmonious blend of indoor comfort and alfresco freedom.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

Inside the Ohana: Small Space, Big Comfort

Step inside, and you’ll find the left trailer housing a fully-equipped kitchen, boasting a refrigerator, small stove, and abundant counter and cupboard space. On the other side of the sunroom, the right trailer harbors a romantic master bedroom and a well-appointed bathroom, even featuring a bathtub. Cleverly tucked beneath the queen-size bed is a trundle bed, maximizing the space for family use or private retreats.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

Ohana – More Than Just a Word, It’s a Lifestyle

In Hawaiian, Ohana means family, encompassing not only blood relations but also friends and neighbors. This concept is brilliantly embodied in the Ohana tiny house. Its design radiates warmth, hospitality, and inclusivity, making it a perfect setting for gatherings and shared moments.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

Energy-Efficient Living: How Two Tiny Houses Connected by a Sunroom Can Save You Money and Energy

Beyond its aesthetic charm, the Ohana offers practical advantages. By uniting two tiny houses, it optimizes energy consumption by sharing heating and cooling systems. The sunroom, acting as an additional living space, further enhances energy efficiency while providing a cozy spot for various activities.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

Designing Your Sunlit Oasis: Considerations for a Sunroom Addition

For those inspired by the Ohana’s sunroom, careful planning is key. When adding a sunroom to your home, consider factors such as size, shape, sunlight exposure, and durable materials. Thoughtful choices ensure your sunlit oasis not only enhances your living space but also withstands the test of time.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

Increasing Home Value: The Sunroom Advantage

A sunroom isn’t merely an aesthetic choice; it’s a practical investment. Besides energy savings, a sunroom can significantly boost your home’s value. If you ever decide to sell, this sunlit extension becomes a compelling selling point, showcasing your home’s unique charm and thoughtful design.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

In essence, the Ohana exemplifies how creative design and efficient use of space can transform tiny living into a grand experience. It’s a testament to the idea that home isn’t just a place; it’s a feeling – one that the Ohana graciously embodies within its compact yet expansive confines.

IMAGE Courtesy of Viva Collectiv

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