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About Us

Living in a Tiny is a blog devoted to displaying conventional and non-customary dream homes everything being equal. This blog, initially fashioned from my very own enthusiasm for tiny homes, has developed and is planned to be a noteworthy asset for every home aficionado/visionaries!

Living in a Tiny is not a tiny home construction company. While we do our best to make sure our information is accurate, please contact a professional tiny home builder for information.

Living in a Tiny is also a blog and does not independently sell tiny houses and/or tiny house plans. Content from this blog may be shared, providing it links back to the original site. Use of written content may be shared only with written consent.

Living in a Tiny currently uses advertisements from a third-party advertising site in addition to occasional affiliate links.

Thanks to all the lovely designers who created such gorgeous work for me to post on the blog. The content will stay live for awhile to stay as a constant source of design inspiration.

– living in a tiny