Amazing Tiny House with Ocean View

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We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Florida, USA.

The name of our project that we will talk about today is Fiesta Key RV Resort. Many alternatives await you at the property, located on a 28-acre island with a view of the Gulf of Mexico ocean.

Whether you use your own caravan for your stay, rent one of the tiny houses or stay at the hotel, the choice is yours. Colorfully made tiny houses are located right by the ocean.

Gray coating is preferred on the exterior of the house. With the wide windows on the outside, the sun rays are used in the best way.

There is an extremely wide veranda at the front of the house. Enjoy the sun and relaxing in tropical weather in the living area on the patio.

Thanks to the gray and white color used in the interior of the house, a spacious environment is created. Tropical breezes are felt in the lighting, pillows and objects used throughout the house.

There is a large sofa, table, chair and TV in the sitting area at the entrance. On the ground floor, there is a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook unique dishes. You can also access the outside through the door at the end of the kitchen.

The house has a separate bedroom with queen size bed and 2 twin beds on the mezzanine floor. Enjoy the ocean and the sunset or join in fun holiday activities at this popular holiday destination.
Everything in the facility is thought for you to have a pleasant time.

More information can be found here.

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