Would You Live In This Bamboo Tiny House?

When we look around, it is possible to see various architectural structures that beautify the areas we live in and add character to it.

Most people want to build structures like this one where they can get creative, instead of standard houses. The location, size and style of these structures are not important. It could be in a large apartment in the city, in a tiny house in a small village.

In this article, we will talk about a uniquely creative tiny house. If you have a creative idea of ​​your own, this tiny house can help inspire you.

3-storey Bamboo House – Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

This tiny house is located in the rainforest of the Sierra Madre mountain range in Tanay, Calabarzon, Philippines.

The bamboo house is right next to the river. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

This tiny house, built on the banks of the Agos river, is surrounded by dense vegetation and does not seem contrary to the natural environment at all.

This tiny house brings a modern approach to Bahay Kubo, which is actually a symbol of Philippine culture. The traditional building material, bamboo, was used on the walls and roof of this tiny house, which was built as three floors.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

Since the tiny house is located in an area with heavy rainfall, the first floor was built using brick and concrete. The windows of the tiny house are designed quite large to benefit from more air and light.

3 Storey Tiny Home

The kitchen of the bamboo house. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The first floor of the tiny house, designed vertically, is planned as a kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen, which has a very modern style, has several cabinets and a minimal sink.

The bathroom of the bamboo house. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

Next to the kitchen is a modest bathroom. The bathroom has a shower area, a small sink and a toilet.

The bedroom is quite spacious and covered with mattresses. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The second floor is used as a bedroom. This section is reached by climbing the wooden stairs right next to the kitchen. This section is again designed in a traditional style. There are only a few beds inside.

Bedroom on the third floor. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

When you get out of here, you can reach the third floor by continuing the stairs. The interior is still in traditional design. In this section, there are wooden cabinets used for beds and storage. Also, in this section, there is a tiny balcony where you can enjoy the view and listen to the sound of the river flowing right next to it.

The view of the ground floor before painting. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

You can have an immersive experience during your time in the tiny house in a tropical setting. You can rent the tiny house with its own pool for $110 per night. ( Airbnb )

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