Be Inspired by This Tiny House Designed and Built by a Single Mom

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Today we will show you tiny house from USA.

Description from Dwell

A Bay Area single mom priced out of the rental market takes matters into her own hands and constructs a tiny home for herself and her teenage daughter.

Shalina Kell is a graphic designer, a maker—and now she can add “tiny home builder” to her resume. The single mom lives with her teenage daughter in a lovely, light-filled 350-square-foot tiny home in Sacramento that she built and designed herself. 

Kell learned about tiny homes via Pinterest and British reality home shows, however she was also influenced by her contractor father—and she had dreamed of building her own house since she was a little girl, back when her idea of the perfect playhouse included stud walls, insulation, electrical, real windows, and a “real door with a lock on it.”

When the time finally came, Kell was fortunate to have access to her father’s arsenal of tools and space on his land to build. She embarked upon her project in June 2015, and by July 2017, the mother and daughter had moved into their very own tiny dream home.

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