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Black Tiny Shipping Container House

Hi everybody

We continue to search for the best for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Logan, Ohio, USA.

Today we’re going to show you a tiny shipping container house that has been hugely popular on social media lately. This magnificent house is called ‘The Lily Pad’.

When we look at the container house, we can see the dominance of black color on the exterior of the house and its surroundings. The matte paint container used gives the house a very cool look.

The roof of the house is raised towards the front. This has created a very spacious area with high ceilings on the veranda. The furniture outside the container tiny house and even the black stairs to the house made the decoration of the house a whole.

In contrast to the outer covering, a white design is used in the interior decoration of the house. This design provided a bright and spacious environment to the house. The house has a queen size bed. You can enjoy the view from the rectangular glass in the bedroom from where you lie down.

Modern and comfortable products are preferred inside and outside the house. You can sit on the comfortable, wide sofa in the sitting area, and if you wish, you can have a pleasant time on the swing on the patio. It was used in the white color kitchen cabinets throughout the house.

Guests can sip their wine around the fire pit in the garden or enjoy the jacuzzi with forest views.

If you want to enjoy the tiny house in this magnificent environment, you can access the AirBnb page here.



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