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Did you know containers, which we often encounter on highways or intercity journeys, can turn into magnificent living spaces? These containers, which were thought to be plain, square, ordinary, and only in ports, now offer cleverly designed alternative living solutions designed within the framework of smart/green building principles, opening the door to minimal life.

Photo Courtesy of Archdaily

A marvel of functionality and simplicity

This tiny house, designed by architect-engineer Han Slawik in 2009, is just such a house. Contrary to the limitations of a standard house, this tiny house is a marvel of functionality that includes design skill and spaciousness. Let’s take a look at the factors that affect us in the selection.

Photo Courtesy of Archdaily
  • Minimum floor area

    The floor area of the beach structure is only 678 square foot

  • Vertical use for maximum benefit

    The house has been designed as two floors to make maximum use of the land on which it will be placed.

Photo Courtesy of Archdaily
  • Ocean view

    The top floor of this small two-story home has a stunning ocean view.

  • Full sufficiency for daily life

    The downstairs patio is wide enough for dining and sitting. The bathtub in the bathroom is ideal for a relaxing bath.

Silence, Tranquility, and Peace – No Hurry, Checklists

It is a small two-story house that provides micro-scale yet macro-scale living space. Modest on the outside but smart on the inside and thanks to the green design principles, it offers a larger and more functional space.

Photo Courtesy of Archdaily

It integrates with the area in front of it and provides a terrace for pleasant, crowded conversations. This house, which has found a place for itself as if it is a centuries-old part of the natural environment it is in, brings the people living in it closer to similar feelings.

Photo Courtesy of Archdaily

Silence, serenity, and peace finally dominate the hustle and bustle, the crowds, the checklists, and the necessity of planning. It’s an excellent choice to get away for a bit, relax and reproduce yourself.

Photo Courtesy of Archdaily
Photo Courtesy of Archdaily

Mobile life and new discoveries

The tiny house has been developed as a wooden container in the size of a freight container by international standards, with different variants for residential use. So, unlike the stagnant and uniform architecture and technology of city life, the box can be sent anywhere in the world.

Photo Courtesy of Archdaily

And this can be done with any container carrier’s standard lifting and handling systems. The tiny house is therefore open to new discoveries and experiences, smart and green design principles.

Photo Courtesy of Archdaily
Photo Courtesy of Archdaily

A New Understanding Is Forming

The number of people who dream of a dual life as a part of nature, intertwined with nature, without losing the comfort of modern living habits, is increasing day by day.

This unique tiny house attracts more and more people every day thanks to its portability, architectural principles, and simplicity.

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