Build a Tiny House for $35,000 and Live Free

Imagine leaving your spacious, beautifully designed main house and walking through the garden to your private sanctuary – a beautifully crafted little house nestled in the trees. Precious’s life now takes place in such a tiny house. Also, this tiny house helps her live a free life.

The Story of the tiny house

Because of his job, Precious spent most of the month outside of his hometown. She made a big house-buying plan to evaluate this. He had the idea of getting an additional income from his home on the days he was out. For this, he bought a big 3-bedroom house for $196,000. However, with the intervention of the pandemic, things did not turn out as he had hoped. No one wanted to stay in a common house.

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One day, as he was looking out of the kitchen window into his backyard, an idea came to him. Build a tiny house in your big garden. All he wanted was to experience a minimal life. He could both provide this and rent the big house as a whole.

The entire cost of the house is $35,000

After applying to the necessary authorities and obtaining the necessary permits, Precious was set for $35,000 by buying a shed. During the construction of the tiny house, he rented a room from his neighbor for $300 and followed the completion of the house.

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After the tiny house was finished, he rented it out to cover some of his expenses. He earned $32,000 by renting out his nightly room on Airbnb for $89 to $129. This is almost as much as the construction costs of the tiny house.

Precious has now moved into his tiny house. She also rented out the big house. With the income from here, he lives his life for free.

Let’s talk about the tiny house

As for the tiny house, 7,280 sq. ft. It was built in a corner of the garden of its size. Its total size is 296-sq-ft. When you enter, you come across a very spacious area. It’s the high ceiling and the light blue paint that makes it happen. The tiny house consists of two parts, a one-room area, and a mezzanine. Downstairs there is a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a work area in one corner.

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In the living area, there is a sofa that can be a bed. Right next to the sitting area is a small desk he uses to check his emails and catch up on work.

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There is a sliding barn door that separates the living area from the kitchen. This rustic-looking door provides privacy and completes the mimic house as a beautiful accessory.

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Precious describes the kitchen as her favorite space. Because the kitchen gives the feeling of being in a normal house. The large sink and large refrigerator surprise those who see them.

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The mezzanine is the sleeping area. It can be easily reached by a wooden staircase from the living area of the house. It has a large and comfortable bed.

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Precious has plans for the garden of the house from now on. Having fun around a fire pit with friends and loved ones is the first thing that comes to mind. Follow her on InstagramTwitter and YouTube.

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