Cabin with Magnificent View on the Rock

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We continue to search for the best for you. The cabin we’re going to show you today is in White Mountains , NH, USA.

900 sqft is a small cabin with a stylish stance. When one of the most durable structures of the magnificent nature is viewed from the outside, it draws attention with its angular, wood-covered exterior, black wide slatted windows and modern and striking design.

The cabin is built on a nine hand-poured concrete foundation over a granite ledge. Construction time has been reduced by preparing all wooden elements ready for assembly. In the construction of the cabin, attention has been paid to environmental compatibility.

Cab designs have become very popular lately. It is one of the best examples of this with its simple and striking style. The minimalist seating area in front of the large windows is as comfortable as possible and helps the residents to rest.

There is a rustic heating element / stove in the living area. The sloping and high roof allowed the diffusion of natural light to enjoy the view thanks to the large slatted windows.

The simple design continues throughout the bedroom on the upper floor of the cabin. There is a large bed and plenty of storage spaces.

More information can be found here.

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