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4 Tips for Buying Land for a Tiny House

A tiny house is a small, sustainable dwelling that utilizes space to the maximum. In this post we offer four tips for buying land for your own tiny house project!

How This Family Built a $14,000 Tiny House

Imagine living your life in a tiny house. One that's not just small, but also affordable and sustainable!?!

Incredible Transformation! Old Water Tank Into A Tiny House

Watch this amazing transformation and see how this family turned an old water tank into their dream tiny home!

Living Large in a Tiny House: See How This Family Does It!

The Garcia family has built their tiny home from scratch and now lives happily. Read about their story and see photos of their tiny house here.

Transformation of a Shabby-Looking Space into a Tiny Home

Ever wondered what it's like to live in a tiny space? This post will show you the transformation of a shabby-looking space into a functional, tiny cozy home.

Neotipi A Cozy House, Only You and Natural Surroundings Here.

Planning a tour with your friends? Wanna visit the world’s most beautiful place? If yes, then must have a break and stay in this...

Raspberry Tiny House on Jindy Dale Farms

Planning a tour for memorable vacations? Wanna know about the location having calm and quietness? Fond of greenery and folks? This place is gonna...

Villa Nare in the Villages

Looking for having a luxurious vacation? Are you in search of cozy house to live in and have private life for few days? A...

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