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Charming Modern Farmhouse ADU costs $163,500

In the heart of San Jose, nestled in the lush greenery of a beautiful backyard, stands a captivating modern farmhouse-style Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). This 400-square-foot gem showcases a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and rustic charm, offering a delightful living space for its occupants. Built with care and attention to detail, this ADU serves as a perfect haven for accommodating family members while adhering to the local legal and zoning requirements.

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Design and Architecture

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The San Jose ADU boasts a captivating modern farmhouse design, featuring a striking combination of white siding with black trim. This visual contrast creates an inviting exterior that perfectly complements its natural surroundings.

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A quaint cottage-style loft adds a touch of whimsy and maximizes the usable space, making it a cozy retreat within the ADU.

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Layout and Features

Upon entering this enchanting ADU, you are welcomed by an open and airy ambiance, thanks to its carefully planned layout. The main living area seamlessly combines the kitchen, dining, and living spaces, providing a sense of spaciousness. The large kitchen steals the show with its farmhouse sink, elegant quartz countertops, and ample cabinetry that ensures plenty of storage space.

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The ADU is equipped with modern appliances, including a washing machine, dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator, offering convenience and functionality. The bathroom is designed with both a shower and a bath, providing options for relaxation and practicality. The shower boasts a sleek sliding glass door, while the other side features an open concept, making the space feel even more inviting.

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Construction and Materials

Built with durability and longevity in mind, the ADU features a solid skeletal system and wood exterior cladding. Inside, the walls are adorned with smooth drywall coating, creating a clean and polished look. The flooring is lined with vinyl coating, combining style and easy maintenance, perfect for the daily hustle and bustle.

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Entry stairs made from Trex, a weather-resistant outdoor material, lead to the ADU’s entrance. These stairs not only enhance the farmhouse charm but also ensure longevity in the face of various weather conditions.

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Purpose and Compliance

The primary purpose of this enchanting ADU is to provide a comfortable living space for family members. It serves as an extension of the main home, fostering togetherness while maintaining privacy. Moreover, adhering to the legal and zoning requirements of the area, the ADU has obtained the necessary permits, foundation, and installation costs, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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Cost and Budget

Creating this splendid ADU involved careful planning and attention to detail, which is evident in its exquisite design and features. The total cost of the project amounted to $353,745, with the ADU itself accounting for $163,500 of the budget. While the costs may seem significant, they reflect the commitment to quality and the creation of a truly exceptional living space.

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The charming modern farmhouse ADU in San Jose exemplifies the perfect balance betweencontemporary living and rustic appeal. This 400-square-foot dwelling offers a cozy haven for family members, ensuring they are close yet have their space. With its thoughtfully designed layout, modern amenities, and adherence to local regulations, this ADU is a shining example of how well-planned and constructed spaces can enrich lives and elevate living standards. Whether as a private retreat or a nurturing space for loved ones, this ADU stands tall as an embodiment of comfort, style, and modern living in San Jose’s thriving community.

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