Colorful Hobbit House in Sapanca

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We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Sakarya, Turkey.

A round big yellow door set among the rocks on the slope. It can be chosen for a night of hobbit tales or a unique night experience.

Although the structure of the Hobbit house built into the ground has round doors and windows, our house we will talk about is a little different. Yellow color is preferred for the entrance door of the house and red color is preferred for the window part.

The mushrooms and pumpkin objects on the paths in the garden part complement the exterior of the hoobit houses in the movies.

With the fantastic atmosphere of the Hobbit house, you can have a pleasant time at the table and chair in the front. The Hobbit was created to accommodate two adults at home comfortably.

The white color preferred in the interior design of the house has a very bright and spacious atmosphere. Access to the area where the bed is located is provided by the entrance door, corridor. There is a wide bed in the house.

The living area of ​​the house has a comfortable and wide armchair, fireplace and TV. You can enjoy TV from both sitting and lying.

Privacy is ensured by separating the bathroom and toilet from the living area with the help of a door. The air of the hobbit house, which is included in the stories with faux fur, lightings, was also provided in the interior.

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