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Compact and Sustainable Tiny House

Many economical materials are used in the construction of the tiny house. Wood is one of them. Tiny houses made of wood are usually compact and sustainable houses. These tiny houses are designed to minimize the ecological footprint, encourage a simple and minimalist lifestyle, and adapt to the country’s climate.

Photograph by Cabana Arquitetos

They can be built on wheels for mobility or on a permanent foundation for stability and often feature features such as solar panels, compost toilets, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Photograph by Cabana Arquitetos

If you have a dream of a small wooden house in your mind, only a 65 Square Meters (700 Square Feet) tiny house hidden in the Serra do Itapeti valley in Guararema, Brazil will inspire you.

Photograph by Cabana Arquitetos

This tiny house consists of the eucalyptus wood construction system, the inner cover of the OSB Smart side panels, and the covering of pine rulers (all autoclaved).

Photograph by Cabana Arquitetos

The tiny house has a suite and an integrated living room. It also has a separate kitchen and bathroom.

Photograph by Cabana Arquitetos

The environments are separated for privacy but integrated via a corridor that provides access to both environments.

Photograph by Cabana Arquitetos

Attention was paid to the insulation of the tiny house

The roof is made of sandwich-type white metallic tiles with PU (Polyurethane), which performs the thermal insulation function quite efficiently. The house’s walls also have Polystyrene (Styrofoam), a reused material that protects the tiles during transport.

Photograph by Cabana Arquitetos

The sewage (black water) is treated by a biological digester tank and passes through a cultivated bed with the gray water and benefits some plants that have been added specifically for this function, such as banana trees, by evaporation. Rainwater is also stored to irrigate the orchard next to the house.

Photograph by Cabana Arquitetos

Since the land where the tiny house is located is on the hillside, the tiny house is built on solid wooden poles. In this way, the natural shape of the land was preserved and a possible landslide was prevented. In addition, since the height has increased, a natural air conditioner has been created to increase comfort.

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