Cozy and Sustainable Tiny House

Imagine a rainy day in the heart of Brazil, nestled in the serene mountains about three hours outside of bustling Sao Paulo. While the rain taps gently on the wooden roof of the tiny house, you find yourself in a cozy cabin made entirely of wood, promising a unique and unforgettable experience. Welcome to this charming tiny house on stilts, a hidden gem among mountaintop cabins, available for rent at $210 per night.

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 Off the Grid, On the Edge of Nature: The Sustainable Tiny House Experience

As you explore this tiny house, you’ll discover a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond its wooden exterior. This tiny house dwelling is a true testament to eco-conscious living, as it operates entirely off the grid. The entire structure, inside and out, is crafted from beautiful, sustainable wood, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that connects you with nature.

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 independently Powered and Self-Sufficient

One of the standout features of this tiny house is its independence from traditional utilities:

1. Solar-Powered Retreat

  • The tiny house is entirely powered by solar panels that harness the abundant Brazilian sunshine. These panels not only provide electricity for all your needs but also demonstrate a commitment to sustainable energy.
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2. A Water Supply All Its Own

  • This tiny house has a self-contained water supply system, drawing water from a tank rather than relying on the grid. This means you can enjoy all the modern conveniences while treading lightly on the environment.

Outdoor Bliss: Amenities for Every Mood at the Tiny House

The exterior of the tiny house offers a plethora of amenities to enhance your stay:

1. Hot Tub with a View

  • Immerse yourself in a hot tub surrounded by string lights and breathtaking mountain vistas. The hot tub’s wooden deck provides the perfect spot for relaxation and stargazing, offering an intimate connection with nature.
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2. Fireside Fun

  • Gather around the large fire pit at the tiny house for a cozy evening, perfect for toasting marshmallows or stargazing. The circular design of the pit creates a communal atmosphere, making it ideal for sharing stories and laughter with friends or loved ones.
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3. Refreshing Outdoor Shower

  • Embrace the rainforest ambiance with an invigorating outdoor shower experience. The cleverly designed shower area is shielded by lush vegetation and tall trees, ensuring your privacy while you luxuriate in the refreshing water.
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4. Swing into Serenity

  • Unwind on a two-seat swing with a captivating backdrop of lush greenery. The swing, suspended from sturdy beams, offers a serene escape and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings.

5. Massive Fire Pit

  • Though the tiny house is designed for two, this expansive fire pit can host lively barbecues with friends. The circular seating arrangement allows for a cozy gathering, while the spacious pit accommodates roaring fires that light up the night.
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The Interior: A Cozy Retreat Inside the Tiny House

Stepping inside the tiny house, you’ll find a thoughtfully designed interior that perfectly complements the natural beauty outside:

1. Living Room and Amenities

  • The living room is adorned with a large shelf stocked with games, including Jenga and Dominos. Plush cushions and throws on the sofa create an inviting space for relaxation and entertainment.
  • A mini cocktail bar is ready for mixing your favorite drinks. The bar area features a variety of glassware, shakers, and essential tools for crafting your beverages.
  • A well-equipped kitchen features a sleek black fridge and freezer unit, as well as a dining table with two comfortable chairs for enjoying meals together.
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2. Local Flavors and Treats

  • The hosts provide a delightful gift box filled with local delights, including buffalo cheese, baked goods, coffee, beer, salsas, sauces, jams, and olive oil. These locally sourced goodies add a delicious touch of Brazil’s culinary culture to your stay.
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3. Bathroom Oasis

  • The simple yet elegant bathroom in the tiny house boasts a square sink and a rounded mirror. Its minimalist design maintains a sense of space and tranquility.
  • Enjoy a refreshing shower with floor-to-ceiling windows that ensure your privacy. The shower area offers a unique experience, allowing you to connect with nature while maintaining your comfort.
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The Top Floor: A Space to Inspire in the Tiny House

The top floor of this tiny house is where magic happens:

1. Natural Light and Wood Stove

  • Abundant windows and skylights flood the tiny house with natural light. The strategically placed windows provide ever-changing views of the mountains, creating a seamless connection with the outdoors.
  • The centerpiece is a wood stove, complete with all the fire-starting supplies you need to stay warm and cozy. This wood stove is not just a source of heat but also a focal point for relaxation and reflection.
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2. Dedicated Workspace

  • A unique feature of this tiny house is a dedicated workspace, perfect for remote work with strong Wi-Fi connectivity. The spacious desk is positioned near a window, offering inspiring views to boost productivity.

3. Bedroom with a View

  • The top floor of the tiny house also houses a simple yet inviting mattress, strategically positioned to capture the stunning mountain views. The minimalist design ensures that the view takes center stage, providing a tranquil setting for rest and relaxation.

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For just $210 per night, this tiny house promises an unforgettable escape into the heart of Brazil’s tranquil mountains. Whether you seek eco-conscious living, outdoor adventures, cozy evenings by the fire, or productive remote work, this tiny house on stilts has it all. Book your stay today and immerse yourself in the beauty of Brazilian nature, sustainable living, and serenity.

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