Cozy Cabin “Little Ruby”

A small sample of rustic architecture

Rustic architecture emphasizes natural and unrefined elements. Nature-inspired materials are raw or incompletely processed. The color tones traditionally influenced by nature in rustic architecture are brown tones. However, recently, colors have been allowed in some buildings and the results of the studies have not been disappointing at all.

The city is close to aging, in a perfect nature

A colorful example of rustic style is the subject of our article today,
The tiny house is located on Gholson Road, Waco. Small house located on a large farmland, very close to the city center. It’s the perfect place for a weekend getaway when you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. When you return to the tiny house after taking a walk in the magnificent nature right next to you, you will feel recharged and rested.

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The return of a 100-year-old house

The tiny house was built using recycled wood from a farmhouse built 100 years ago. The paints on the wood add an authentic atmosphere to the tiny house and witness the experiences of the last century. Old sinks and lighting show the rustic side, while accessories like Wi-Fi and air conditioning keep up with the modern era.

Photo Courtesy of Villa Stay

The tiny house is planned as a two-story house with a veranda at the front. Also from last century, the rocking chair on the wooden patio tells us that the little house is literally a farmhouse.

interior design also from recycling

When you enter, you encounter wall coverings made of recycled wood. When left in its original color, it harmonizes with the natural wood used in different parts of the house, revealing the style of the house.

Photo Courtesy of Villa Stay

The ground floor of the small house is divided into the kitchen, bathroom, and living area. The kitchen, located to the right of the entrance, is separated from the living area by a small wooden wall. There’s a great storage area behind the wall. The highlight in the kitchen is the copper-forged sink from the last century. You can easily cook your meals and prepare your coffee in the kitchen, which includes today’s modern appliances.

Photo Courtesy of Villa Stay

Next to the kitchen is a door that leads to the bathroom. The bathroom has a normal-sized shower and toilet.

Photo Courtesy of Villa Stay

The rest of the ground floor is reserved for living space. There is a small comfortable sofa, coffee table, and rocking chair. The furniture is again in rustic style.

Photo Courtesy of Villa Stay

A wooden staircase leads from the living area to the sleeping area. Natural light entering the sleeping area through the windows illuminates the interior adequately. The double bed here is comfortable enough to relieve you of the tiredness of your trip.

Photo Courtesy of Villa Stay

If you want to spend a weekend in touch with nature, you can rent this tiny house for 91$ per night. You can be sure that you can collect very good memories during your time here.

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