Cozy Creek Cottage: The Perfect Place to Unplug and Recharge

The simplicity of living in a tiny house is good for human psychology, and it’s easy to see when we look at the lives of those living in the tiny house.

Having limited space makes everything simple, from what to wear, where to sit, what food to cook, what tools to use in your work.

These space-saving tiny houses can be easily shaped to be a source of peace for the human spirit. That’s why most tiny homes include aesthetically pleasing design elements.

In this article, we will talk about a tiny house that stands out from an aesthetic point of view.

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Set by a romantic creek, this tiny house is located in Whittier, North Carolina.

The area where the tiny house is located is relaxing and quite quiet.

Although it is far from the city, there are many activity areas where you can fish, walk, with restaurants, local breweries, and restaurants around. There is even a forest area 8 km from the house where you can watch wild deer.

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This tiny house is built in a country house style on the banks of Beck Creek that feeds the Tuckasegee River. A very light green color and white color are used together for the exterior of the tiny house, which is mostly made of wood. Thus, it gained a distinctive feature in its nature.

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The tiny house is surrounded by a veranda on three sides.

The veranda, where the entrance door of the house is located, overlooks the carefully designed garden, while the remaining veranda has a view of the creek. All patios have seating areas.

You can spend your pleasant time here listening to the sound of the stream or the chirping of birds. In addition, a very comfortable sofa has been placed on the side facing the creek, and a small sleep on this sofa accompanied by the sound of the creek will allow you to relieve all the tiredness of the day. A few meters away from the house, there is a fire pit by the stream.

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The interior design of the tiny house also has a farmhouse feel.

White and green colors are used together in the interior design, as in the exterior. The walls and floor are painted white and the ceiling is painted green. It is also possible to see these colors in objects. In addition, there are many design elements that may interest you in every corner of the house.

This tiny house consists of three parts: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

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The first section is designed as a sleeping and resting area.

In this section, there is a double bed, armchairs and a table. There is also a stove for you to have a warm day on cool days.

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The second part is the kitchen.

The tools used here and the general design are still farmhouse-like. If you decide to have your meal in the tiny house instead of outside, all the tools you can cook comfortably are available here.

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The third section has a bathroom.

The bathroom, whose floor is covered with classic ceramic tiles, has a shower cabin and a mirrored sink.

You can experience this house with aesthetically pleasing designs and fine touches for $144 per night. (Airbnb) Even your friends, whom you tell the story of a romantic day you will spend in this house next to the creek, will be very excited.

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