Epona Tiny House from France

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Today we will show you tiny house from France.

The architecture of the tiny house Epona is distinguished by its asserted point roof scales and its large glass facade which immerses the house in a bath of light. The living room includes a sofa and an acacia coffee table / chest. The entire tiny house is heated in winter thanks to a small radiating heater of 1500w, installed on one of the walls of the living room.

The kitchen is equipped with plenty of storage space, a fridge, a stainless steel sink, a hot water tank and gas hobs. In the extension of the furniture, there is a table that can accommodate two people for a meal, or serve as an office for Charlotte. The large worktop and its credenza are in solid oak. A double-flow CMV is also installed in this room.

A staircase including a large fridge / freezer as well as numerous storage spaces provides access to the upper floor.

The mezzanine is 3.5m long, which is particularly large for a tiny house. Two double beds could easily be installed there. At the edge of this loft is a large oak shelf of 2.15m long, which can accommodate various decorative items or simply act as a library.

In the bathroom is an 80x80cm shower, dry toilet with stainless steel bucket and chip compartment.

A sliding door gives access to a last room at the bottom of the tiny house. This allows Charlotte to store her riding equipment. In particular, two oak saddle racks have been installed. This room had to be accessible directly from the outside, which is why this house is equipped with a second entrance door. Charlotte’s cat will also be able to access the house through this space thanks to an electronic cat flap with medallion detection. Finally, many shelves act as a pantry.

We delivered the tiny house to Bayonne. It is the main residence of Charlotte.

Source : Tinyhouse-Baluchon

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