Financing This Tiny House Made Easy

A Home Beyond Its Size

In the heart of minimalist living, mustard-seed tiny houses present the epitome of compact luxury. The mustard seed tiny house, spanning 52 feet in length and 14 feet in width, defies traditional notions of space. Thoughtfully designed for singles, couples, or small families, this modular dwelling encapsulates the essence of spacious living with a full-size kitchen, a cozy living area, an office/study space, a main-level master bedroom, and a generous loft. It offers a perfect blend of functionality and charm.

Photo Courtesy of Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Craftsmanship and Customization

What sets the Mustard Seed tiny house apart is its meticulous craftsmanship and the opportunity for customization. Built on a custom steel frame, this on-frame modular home ensures durability for generations. The exterior showcases a blend of LP lap siding accent and board-and-batten siding, complemented by a heavy-gauge standing seam metal roof. The interior exudes warmth with trimmed-out sheetrock, shiplap feature walls, and luxurious vinyl tile flooring. Mustard Seed tiny house offers a spectrum of choices, allowing homeowners to personalize everything from paint colors to cabinet designs, ensuring that every corner of the tiny house reflects the owner’s unique style and taste.

Photo Courtesy of Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Comfort Redefined

Despite its compact size, the Mustard Seed tiny house doesn’t compromise on comfort. The home boasts top-tier amenities, including a dual-zone HVAC system, a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances, a bathroom with a 48” vanity, a custom shower, and a dual-flushing toilet. The thoughtful design even incorporates storage solutions, with options for storage cabinet stairs or a ladder to the loft, making the most of every inch of space.

Photo Courtesy of Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Financing Made Simple

Mustard Seed Tiny House has simplified the process of owning your dream home. The company offers excellent mortgage financing options with terms of up to 30 years. With as little as a 10% down payment (where equity in your land can also count toward your down payment), owning a mustard seed tiny house is more accessible than ever. What’s more, the mortgage can encompass not just the home but also delivery, setup, site preparation, and infrastructure costs, streamlining the entire process for homeowners.

Photo Courtesy of Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Embracing Sustainable Living

Beyond its architectural brilliance and comfort, the mustard seed tiny house embodies sustainability. Built to last, this modular tiny house is a testament to environmentally conscious living. The insulation materials, energy-efficient Pella windows, and options for propane appliances underline Mustard Seed Tiny Homes’ commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Photo Courtesy of Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Your Home, Your Haven

In the Mustard Seed tiny house, homeowners find more than just a residence; they discover a haven where simplicity meets sophistication. This thoughtfully crafted dwelling redefines the home concept, offering a blend of style, comfort, and sustainability.

Photo Courtesy of Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

With customizable features and accessible financing, the mustard seed tiny house stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of tiny living, inviting individuals and families to embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes quality over quantity. As you step into your mustard seed tiny house, you step into a world where every inch is designed for your joy and peace, a testament to the belief that great things come in small packages.

Photo Courtesy of Mustard Seed Tiny Homes
Photo Courtesy of Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

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