Gorgeous Tiny House on the Lake

Hi everybody

Today we will get acquainted with the miracle of design thought, with a holiday house from 2by4-architects. It is located on an island in the middle of a lake in the small village of Losdecht, which is located in the Netherlands. The peculiarity and main advantage of this house is that it has absolutely everything that a vacationer may need.

On all sides, this paradise is surrounded by a landscape, into which this seemingly weightless structure smoothly fits.

Transparent facades are a wonderful design element, thanks to which it was possible to unobtrusively “introduce” this creation of human hands into an untouched corner of the earth.

The design of the building may vary depending on the preferences of the visitors. On hot days, the north wall can be opened towards the water. The living room floor is made of wood; it serves as a kind of pier. In this form, the building serves as a courtyard or simply an open space under the roof.

The penthouse provides creative freedom to its owners. Furniture in the guest room enhances the open space effect, creating an excellent atmosphere of privacy. In the house you will find a shower, toilet, storage rooms and a multifunctional well-equipped kitchen.

Visitors first walk around the dwelling before entering it without even realizing it. Thus, you can view the building from all sides and admire the splendor of the surrounding nature.

Walking through the rooms, visitors are simply obliged to look at the terrace. There is also a dining room in the room, which is connected to the kitchen. Thanks to the special design, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery while eating.

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