Green tiny house built from recycled materials.

Regarding building tiny houses, construction techniques are far from traditional. These tiny dwellings are often built using reclaimed and repurposed materials, giving them a character and charm that is often lacking in conventional homes.

Tiny house, functional regarding energy efficiency

For example, many small houses feature exposed beams and open skylights. These design elements help the space feel more open and airy, while also giving it a sense of rustic charm. In addition to being aesthetic, these features also serve an important function regarding energy efficiency.

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Helping reduce the ecological footprint

Another benefit of using reclaimed and repurposed materials is that it helps to reduce the ecological footprint of the home. Tiny houses are already quite small and have minimal impact on the environment, but using recycled materials reduces their impact even further.
This tiny house may change your life

If you are interested in simplifying your life and reducing the size of your home, a characteristic tiny house built from reclaimed and repurposed materials can be the perfect solution. Today we are going to visit one of these houses. This tiny house will inspire you to change your life.

This tiny house is located very close to Sunshine Beach in Queensland, Australia. It is easily accessible even by public transportation. The beach, which is frequented by surfing enthusiasts, can be reached in a few minutes on foot.

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The porch of the tiny house is also made of recycled materials

The tiny house is located in a modest-sized garden with tropical plants. Most construction materials are recyclable. It is built on a 195 square feet foundation. Right in front of the tiny house, there is a small veranda made of old wood in a very simple way. The patio is designed with rattan furniture suitable for the climate. It looks perfect for spending time.

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The tiny house, which looks like a green emerald, is entered through a door with two wings. The house, which looks relatively tiny from the outside, proves that it is not so, Thanks to the ingenious design. This is Thanks to the high ceiling. Also, many cleverly placed windows contribute to this. The interior is very bright and spacious.

The high ceiling gives the tiny house a feeling of spaciousness and provides space for the bedroom.

The tiny house consists of a room, a mezzanine, and a bay. The monolithic space downstairs is planned as a living area and kitchen. There is only one armchair in the living area. This is quite enough when you consider the patio.

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Right after the living area is the kitchen. The countertop along the wall and the storage cabinets underneath make up the kitchen. The wooden shelves and white ceramic tiles look simple, but they show that a fine taste has gone into this work.

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The white tiles make the tiny house look brighter

A sliding door from the kitchen leads to the bathroom. The ceramics we encountered in the kitchen are also used here. The white color makes the interior look very bright. There is a shower and washbasin inside.

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A wooden partition as a mezzanine separates the bedroom. A moving wooden staircase leads up to the bedroom. There is only a bed in the bedroom, which is as big as a double bed.

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If you are interested in downsizing your home and simplifying your life, a tiny house made from reclaimed and repurposed materials could be the perfect solution for you. But if you can’t quite picture it in your mind, you can rent this tiny house for a few days and experience it.

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