Harmony of Modern and Traditional Architecture: Lily’s Tower

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The story of our tiny house today is very different. We can say the real life equivalent of the Rapunzel fairy tale.

The house is located on the Gordon Bowen property in Salth Lake City, Utah.

The design of this tiny tower was inspired by the tower featured in the Disney movie Tangled during home renovations. This magnificent tower was designed from the idea of ​​designing a playhouse for the owner’s daughter.

This tower has been transformed into a fully equipped guest house with kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping area.

The project worked with landscape architect Mike Kaiser, contractor Jackson & Leroy, and talented stonemasons to bring this fabulous tower to life.

The tower was built near the stream in the field. The harmony of the details is perfect in this house, which is located among the magnificent greenery.

The harmony of the green color and stone walls used in the entrance door of the house draws attention. When the area on the upper part of the tower is viewed from the outside, the dark wooden coating and large windows attract attention.

In the living area on the upper floor, the luminous chandelier, the purple armchairs used and the harmony of wood are one of the best examples of unique design.

“Lily’s Tower” Awarded a 2020 Stanford White Award from the @icaany and @classicist_org

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