Honey on the Rock Tiny Home – Usa

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Today we will show you tiny house from USA.

It is said that “To see the sunrise and fall in different areas it is an invaluable happiness. ” Many people who like traveling and adventures are looking for vehicles that are ready to be a convenient home in themselves to go on an adventure to the world.

This tiny house is design and constructed by Carpenter Owl.

This mobile wooden house is a suitable size house. Not heavy the base of the house is installed with small wheels. Along with the steel frame can be easily installed to the car to tow to the point that needs to rest.
The distinctive feature of this house is the wide terrace on the ground floor. Linked by a spiral staircase to the open-air rooftop to be a corner for relaxation and watch the natural surroundings as well.

Lamps that were installed inside the house it is a lamp that was created by hand. Therefore having a unique design and also match the main theme of the house that is woodwork combined with metal frames.

How are you doing with the idea of ​​this tiny wooden house? Hope to be a pleasant idea and helps to inspire friends as well.

For more information about Honey on the Rock, you can visit Daniel’s website, Carpenter Owl.

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