How a Barn on a Farm Turned Into a Tiny House

In the early 1990s, the Kasliwal family had the chance to have a grand house with glittering chandeliers, marble sculptures, and a swimming pool. But Mrs. Kasliwal preferred a minimalist home where she could spend time with friends and family.

Despite her wealth, she preferred a simple life

He dreamed of a tiny house where he could live a quiet life, drink a cup of masala tea with his loved ones and watch the sky to the fullest.

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To fulfill his dream, he bought a dilapidated tiny house consisting of a barn and a room on a farm in the desert outside Jaipur. He rebuilt this tiny house in the traditional building style.
The mink house was built on top of the barn.

The tiny house was built on two floors, with an additional floor on top of the original barn. The barn was thoroughly cleaned and the whole structure was painted white. The entrance of the house is designed as a living room. The original stone floors of the barn are still intact on the floor. It has a very aesthetic appearance. It has increased the value of the house one more time. The furniture in this section between the kitchen and the bedroom dates from the 19th century. The shelves on the walls are specially made for some antique objects.

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Most of the furniture in the tiny house is handcrafted

The living area leads to the kitchen. The style of the tiny house is reflected in the kitchen. The cabinets are handcrafted by local artisans. Pots made of brass are used to store grains as in the past. There is a modern oven and gas stove.

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The tiny house has only one bedroom. The bedroom has a simple design with a double bed. The ornaments again consist of some antiques.

The red limestone in the bathroom requires a special skill

The bathroom is clad in red limestone, a Rajasthani material. For this, local craftsmen were used to making the interior. The washbasin and mirror on the cabinet are made of the same limestone date from 1900. It was bought from an antique shop in Jodhpur.

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The tiny house has two terraces

The open terrace of the tiny house overlooking the garden is big enough for many guests. The furniture here is carefully handcrafted. The cushions and pillows were sewn by the family’s tailor. Indeed, on this terrace, one can watch the infinite size of the sky for hours. Accompanied by freshly brewed tea.

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The upper floor of the house is another terrace covered with a bamboo roof. Handmade furniture is also available here. From here you can easily watch the whole land.

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The tiny house has many famous visitors

Apart from the owners, this special little house has many guests. The Rolling Stones, Gem Palace, Hollywood stars such as Susan Sarandon and Pierce Brosnan, fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, and many statesmen are among the visitors of this house.

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