They Built a Tiny House for Less Than $6000

Today, economic conditions have made it difficult for all of us. Gradually, we find it difficult to meet even our essential needs.

It seems that a house that we will own by borrowing from the bank will force the economic conditions, causing us to delay realizing the life we ​​dreamed of.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. A tiny house that we will build according to our own budget will offer us a more prosperous, happier and safer life without being overwhelmed by bank debt.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to build your own home, this story might inspire you.

Hazel Garcia and AB Magtulis – Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

AB Magtulis and Hazel Garcia living in Cavite, Philippines wanted a home where they could both work from home and set up their personal space.

Instead of buying a normal house by borrowing from the bank, they decided to build a tiny house with the limited budget they had. This tiny house of their dreams would be cube-shaped and two-storied.

The couple, who prepared the house plans together, managed to build this tiny house of their dreams in the garden of the house where Hazel’s family lived, with a low budget.

So they proved that a tiny house can be just as perfect as a big house.

This tiny house is not just cute and livable. It also attracts people’s attention and makes the area a center of attraction.

Tiny House Before and After Photos- Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

This tiny house is designed as a cube with two floors. Built 15 feet high on a 6-square-foot base, the exterior walls of the house are painted green. In fact, it is quite impressive that the house, which was built on a small area, seems to have plenty of space from the outside.

Various plants were placed in front of the windows and around the house, which made the cute little house even more adorable. Concrete awnings placed over the door and windows show that the house has style.

The interior design of the tiny house is also very cute, although it is small, painting the interior walls white made the house appear larger than it is.

With its white walls, the house comes to life with furniture and decorations in vibrant colors. – Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

The ground floor is planned as a working area.

The desks are so skillfully placed that the couple can comfortably work at the same time.

The bathroom of the tiny house is quite spacious for a 65 sqft house. – Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

There is also a functional bathroom on this floor. In one corner of the room, there is an armchair where they rest and play music when they take a break from work.

Pretty plain attic used as bedroom of tiny house. – Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

There is a bedroom on the second floor of the tiny house.

The terrace of the tiny house is surrounded by bamboos. – Photo Courtesy of Team ABH

The roof of the house, on the other hand, is designed as a terrace, and the idea of ​​sitting on the terrace surrounded by bamboos and watching the green landscape with a cup of coffee attracts people.

Magtulis and Hazel spent only $5,500 on this tiny house. The house does not have a kitchen yet, but soon they will add another floor to the tiny house and have a kitchen.

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