91 Inches Of Inspiration For Living Large In A Small Space

Cities are still under construction from the time they were founded. So much so that the construction areas in the city centers are getting less and less. Today, these areas are almost non-existent.

Crowds do not want to leave the city center too long, mostly for business reasons. For this reason, they resort to creative solutions to create a residential area.

In this article, we will talk about the narrowest house in London, which can be an example of this.

Redesigned in 2013 by London design firm Alma-nac. Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

Built in a narrower gap than a subway car, this tiny house is 2.13 m wide.

Despite its small width, the house has an area of ​​1,058 square feet. Located between two spacious apartments, this tiny house looks like it came out of the pages of a fairy tale book.

Although the house is quite slim, it has a relaxing aura. Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

A young couple applied to the local firm Alma-Nac, saying that they wanted to build a living space for their property on St John’s Hill in Clapham. The firm that accepted the job managed to build this tiny house within the budget despite all the difficulties of its narrow space.

Get inspired to live large in a small space

There is a transition from the kitchen to the dining nook. Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

Planned as three floors with maximum efficiency in mind, this slim house has two reception rooms separated by a staircase, a kitchen and a separate room with generous storage space on the ground floor.

The carefully designed garden makes ample use of the narrow lot and overhead sunlight. Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

The 48-foot long backyard is accessed through the door at the back of this section. The landscape of the garden allows you to get away from the air of the city for a moment.

The bathroom of this slim house is quite assertive. Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

When we come to the second floor, we come across the master bedroom with its own bathroom, a dressing room and an additional bedroom.

The bedrooms of the Slim house. Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

On the third floor, there are two bedrooms and a large bathroom. This floor also has a small terrace facing the front.

The windows of these rooms, in which white stands out in their design, are placed on the roof in an inclined manner, starting from the top. Thanks to this smart design, it is aimed to benefit from the daylight at the maximum level, and the construction costs are reduced to a great extent.

This unique tiny house has everything you need for life. $1.4 million is tempting for this slim tiny house that doesn’t have a second peer.

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