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When Jess Clarito, an engineer, became more fascinated with tiny houses in the days of the pandemic, he did a lot of research on what he could do about it. She set out to build a tiny house in Eastern Samar, where she lives at an affordable cost.

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Built-in a traditional style using local materials

Eastern Samar is the perfect destination for couples or solo travelers who want to experience the beauty and serenity of the coastline. Jess chose this place in Clarito to make the pandemic feel lighter. When she was thinking about building the tiny house, she initially thought she could build it in a container. but when she calculated costs such as transportation, she realized that it was not very convenient. So he decided to build a house in a traditional building style. Using local materials, he managed to build the tiny house at a cost of $27,650, including all furnishings.

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Large pool and sea make the tiny house indispensable

The tiny house he built on his property just a few steps from the seashore, is only 30 square meters in size. The tiny house has a big garden. In the garden, there is a large pool and a seating area where you can spend the summer evenings with lots of fun. The most beautiful detail of this sitting area is the fire pit made of natural stone. This in itself is enough to entertain you.

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High ceilings and many windows make the mink house look bigger than it really is.
You reach the tiny house on foot from the beach on a paved road. When you enter through the large glass entrance, you are welcomed by a large space with high ceilings.

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The abundance of claws on all four sides of the high walls attracts your attention. The daylight coming in through the windows illuminates the inside of the tiny house very well with the white color.

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The entrance is divided into a living area and a kitchen. There is also a bathroom built as an extension here. The kitchen is placed on the opposite wall as you enter. A beautiful countertop along the wall and a stylish wall tile complete the kitchen. Storage cabinets are just below the countertop. The kitchen has all the equipment you need to prepare your meals and drinks.

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The living area adjacent to the kitchen consists only of a sofa and a TV. Spot ceiling lighting provides a brightness close to daylight.

Thanks to the mezzanine, a large space has been created for sleeping areas.

Thanks to the high ceiling, a beautiful mezzanine has been created. Accessed by a wooden staircase, these sections are designed as sleeping areas. As you climb the stairs, you pass through a small interior balcony before reaching the area. It is a nice detail. The rooms in the two opposite sections both have double beds.

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The terrace is an indispensable area for nights and pleasant conversations.

There is an open terrace right in front of the tiny house. Special attention has also been paid to the lighting system here. If you get bored of the fire pit, this place can also give you a different pleasure to rest.

This tiny house was a perfect shelter for Jess Clarito during the pandemic. After the pandemic, he offered this tiny house to people with experience. If you have a tiny house idea in your mind, this house can inspire you. If you want to experience this house, you can rent it for $190.

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