Find Quiet in this $350,000 Luxurious Tiny Home

Having a tiny house of their own is the dream of almost everyone. This dream has always been at the center of the accumulation of people who have entered the working life from the past to this side. One of the most important reasons for this is to secure the future beyond the need for shelter.

We decided to buy a tiny home. We have many options before us. So which is my house?

Some people may prefer big houses by taking on big responsibilities. However, there are some people who prefer a minimal life in a smaller house for reasons such as environmental sensitivity, economy, and home-related stress factors.

In this article, we will talk about a completed tiny home that will set an example for those who have decided to live a minimal life but do not have time to build a house.

This tiny cottage is in a unique location. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

This tiny house is located in Tracy City, Grundy, Tennessee. Just 1.5 hours from Nashville and 45 minutes from Chattanooga.

The environment is so quiet that the noise level is measured below 40 db. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

The tiny house, built in the seashore style, looks very nice in the peaceful trees. The environment is so quiet that the noise level is measured below 40 db.

The tiny home consists of two parts, two rooms and a bathroom. The total area of ​​the house is 400 sqft.

Big veranda of tiny cottage. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

There is a very large veranda at the entrance.

The veranda is accessed by stairs. Stairs with wide steps make the tiny house look more magnificent. On the veranda there is a sitting group big enough to host crowded friends and a table where you can eat your meals. In addition, a fan is placed on the ceiling to cool it in the hot months.

Tiny house exterior. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

Wooden material was used in the exterior of the tiny house. Anthracite color is preferred as the color.

A high ceiling living room. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

When you enter the tiny house, a white environment greets you in contrast to the darkness of the outside. The entrance of the one-room tiny house with many windows is designed as a living and resting area. You can watch TV on the leather brown leather sofa here and enjoy the fireplace on cool days.

The tiny cottage has a pure white interior. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

Right after the living area is the kitchen.

The kitchen and living area seem to be divided by a half counter. The kitchen has everything that can be found in a normal home. There are many storage areas in the kitchen, which has very useful countertops.

The bathroom is accessed through the door opposite the machines.

The bathroom also fits into the overall design, with white colors predominating here.

Tiny house bedroom. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

From the end of the kitchen, there is another room.

This is used as a bedroom. There is a double bed in the room.

Storage areas with barn doors. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

Here are two fairly large storage cabinets with barn doors.

Bedroom on the loft floor. Photo Courtesy of Zerodown

The structure of the tiny house is quite high, so a mezzanine level was built into the house and a second bedroom was made. There is also a double bed here.

This tiny home was completed in 2021 and put up for sale. It was sold for $350,000 on June 16, 2022. Listed on ZeroDown

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