Luxuriously Furnished Tiny House

Wanna go for a tour with your loved one in a calm location? Looking for a place to have a relaxing vacation? For this, the most recommended locality and tiny house is Magnolia tiny home. This tiny house is built in heart of the natural beauty of mountains.

This tiny house is situated at the base of Chattanooga town’s Lookout Mountain. You can have heart-touching views of mountains and valley from the tiny house. And this town is in Wildwood, Georgia, US.

This tiny house has a capacity of two guests. The tiny house has a bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen, living room, hot tub, backyard, and a garden.

The rent of the tiny house is $130 per night

This beautifully designed tiny house is hosted by team Chattanooga Vacation Rentals. It’s a local company owning various tiny houses in this area. Being local, the team members of this company, hosting the guests, help the guests to explore this locality more delightfully.

Guests get a tour guide in the form of team management of this tiny house. This tiny house is near the paragliding landing zone. You can enjoy this opportunity as well.

Outside the house is a garden. In the garden, there’s a fire pit to enjoy the winter evenings. There’s a table with two chairs on the patio where the guests can dine if they need. Beautiful mountains covered with greenery ahead and breakfast or a cup of coffee is an obvious reason for calming down in this location.

Other than this, there’s a hot water tub. It’s private, and no one can see you here. This tiny house deeply ensures the privacy of guests and the couple. A hot tub in the tiny house is the feature that makes this house stand out for couples to enjoy their vacation or even honeymoon.

This fully naturally surrounded tiny house is ideal for having a stress-free vacation.

The night and the sky full of stars and your partner with you is definitely the thing that anyone can desire.

For brightening the nights of this tiny house, there are extremely well-illuminated lights set up all around the exterior of the tiny house adding charm to the tiny house and its surroundings.

A glassy door leads to the interior of the tiny house. The very first corner of the house is designed to have breakfast and other meals. A glass window to see outside the house and enjoy the natural beauty with breakfast.

The air conditioner is also fit in this area to bear the extreme temperature. Then comes the kitchen of the tiny house. The induction stove is used in the kitchen to prepare meals. This stove also saves the space of the countertop so it can hold more stuff at a time.

The kitchen has a farmhouse sink, and there’s an extra-large toaster. The countertop and the cabinets of the kitchen are amazing. A window is there in the kitchen for observing what’s going on outside and enjoying the weather with cooking in the kitchen.

There’s a refrigerator in the kitchen to operate things well. From the kitchen, spiral stairs lead to the only bedroom of the house.

The bedroom provides the room only to lay on the bed to the guests. There’s no space for standing in it. The bedroom has a double bed and a king mattress over it.

The lights are fixed on the roof. There’s ventilation in the bedroom as well.

It means every part of the house has an option to enjoy your trip and the beauty spread around.

There’s a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen. The bathroom has a vanity and a tiled shower. The shower pressure can be manageable. In winters, hot water comes out at low pressure, and in summers, the cold water is here for the guests and with higher pressure. There’s also a mirror on the front wall of the bathroom.

The last part of this tiny house is the living area. This house is designed so sharply that you don’t feel like you’re in a tiny house. There’s all the leisure of a home. The living room has a three-seater sofa and has cushions over it. The sofa can be converted into a twin single bed.

In front of this sofa, there’s a TV for entertainment. The tiny house provides a strong internet connection, to the guests for smooth working or entertainment purposes. There’re two side tables with this sofa and a central table also in the living room.

Down the road to this tiny house, there’s a market within walking distance from where you can purchase anything of daily use. All the facilities are provided to make the guests feel at home.

The tiny house is covering one acre of the land.

Another tiny house is built in the same locality. But the guests in both tiny houses are given full privacy and services.

Pets are not allowed in this tiny house due to the chickens and goats of the neighbors.

Because very next to this tiny house is a farmhouse. And you can see these chickens and goats from the backyard of your tiny house.

The sunrise and the sunset views in the garden and the mesmerizing views of the mountain with your loved one are gonna make this trip the most memorable, and the guests are never gonna have such an experience.

In the end, I’d say that this tiny house is obviously a great opportunity for the newlyweds and the people who wanna celebrate their anniversary for sure. The bedroom is so dreamy, and the living room is much comfortable to live in.

The garden of the house is an ideal place to enjoy the barbeque in the evenings or having a cup of coffee there. This tiny house is the best for the couples as no one is here to disturb you in developing your relationship more strongly.

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