Luxury Designed Modern Tiny House on Wheels

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We continue to discover for you. We are researching the structures made using tiny house in different regions of the world for you and share them for you to give an idea.

You forgot the tiny houses you have seen until this time! We will talk about a project that stands out with both home comfort and luxury details. The project designed by Uber Tiny Homes is called El Reverso.

White and black colors are used in the exterior of the house. A remarkable detail on the exterior, the wood texture used on the edges of the windows and doors made the house look more aesthetic. The use of a large number of windows at home draws attention. The positions of the windows are designed in such a way that the house benefits from natural light more. Unlike other tiny houses, the house can include a second floor deck, which can be mounted modularly, offering views and extra living space.

Now let’s talk about the interior details of the house. The modern and luxurious design continues in the interior. This place definitely includes much more than a tiny house. The tiny house, which has a fully equipped kitchen, has an extremely large island counter, refrigerator, stove and oven.
The lighting used in the kitchen draws attention. The island offers you the opportunity to eat your meals comfortably thanks to the seating area by the counter. The bathroom and toilet located downstairs has a full size bathtub and shower. Yes, you did not hear wrong, this tiny house has full size power. The marble pattern and gold detailed products preferred in the bathroom allow you to enjoy the hotel in the tiny house.

The upper floor has a large and comfortable bed. Apart from this, there is an area designed as a recreation room on the upper floor. In this area, there are large gray armchairs and a large sofa at the end of the room. You can relax in this area, read a book, watch a movie or entertain guests.

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