Luxury Eco-Cabin the White House

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We continue to search and discover the best examples of tiny houses for you. We can say that the house we will talk about today is heaven on earth.

You can also make a romantic getaway in this beautiful white cabin, choose it as a honeymoon stay, or enjoy the natural environment as a family.

The white cabin flows gracefully between the Klein Karoo mountains and the natural meadow. Although the farm is in nature, it is located very close to Montagu and famous Route 62.

The houses in the Montevue Nature Farm contain privacy and privacy for you, except for each other’s view. The houses have 365 degrees of mountain and Karoo valley views.

White is the color of elegance and nobility throughout the interior and exterior of the house. On the outside patio, you can enjoy the view during the day and have a great barbecue while watching the stars in the evening.

There is a fire pit on the side of the house. At the end of the wooden deck at the front of the house, there is a magnificent luxury jacuzzi pool.

Extremely stylish chandeliers preferred in the interior of the house, antique wide mirrors, flowers and candles in every area added a warm and romantic atmosphere.

There is an extremely comfortable and wide seat in the sitting area. The fully equipped kitchen is located directly opposite the seating area.

The bedroom is separated from other areas through the door. The bedroom has a large white bed and pillows. The area where the bed is covered with glass panels allows you to wake up in the heart of the magnificent nature.

The bathroom and toilet in the house are designed in a very stylish way. There is also an outdoor shower outside the house.

Everything is thought for you to relax and have a pleasant time. You can go hiking and picnicking in nature, climbing the mountain, swimming or fishing in the  Kaalbas Dam.

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