Luxury Sky-Frame Tiny House

The second name of life is “change”. If there’s a change in your daily routine, you’re okay but when the routine becomes stagnant and repeating, it’s the most annoying thing for sure. To deal with such issues, you need to plan some tours and trips to the places you love the most with the persons you’re having with you in your life.

Today I’m gonna talk about the most blessed area of the world, and that’s Sanford, Maine. The tiny house named sky frame here is just a gift from god. It’s hosted by Bryce.

This mesmerizing place is surrounded by the scent of the flowers and the sound of the birds. To book this heaven on earth, you’ve to spend $425 per night. Booking Here.

The tiny house is located in the heart of natural beauty.

Just you, the beautiful nature and the heart-catching silence ahead. The trees having bright colored leaves here make the whole area more beautiful.

Hopefully, at the end of this article, you’re gonna plan a tour of this quiet area and the calm tiny house.

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This is a treehouse away from the worries of this busy world. You can see this smashing tiny house far away from the house even on the driveway, as it’s above the ground and is built in the air.

The house can host four guests at a time easily.

It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a balcony, and access to a lake as well. You can plan to come here either with your friends or with family too.

The tiny house gives you the opportunity to do hiking here. You can explore the whole undiscovered area in front of you without any hitch. Not only this, there’s a pond in that area. And this gives you internal peace while standing at the bank of it and taking deep breaths with closed eyes.

Due to private allowance to this pond, the guests can do swimming and the adventurous boating experience here. Fishing can also be a great option for spending some quality time.

To enter the house, you’re facilitated with the staircase.

And this leads you to the deck space. This whole area of a tiny house is well planned and furnished. The chairs and table are set there to have a seating area outside the house and enjoy breakfast, coffee, or even the evening tea here. The lighting done here is amazing. This part of the house is lit up using different bulbs and lamps.

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A black metal roof is an exceptional feature of this house. The front door of the house opens into 350 square feet area covering the living room and the kitchen area. In between both of these, there’s another ladder that breaks this house into two parts. On one side is the kitchen and another side is to be used as a living room.

The living room can often be used as a dining room. It has two sofas and a central wooden table in the middle of the room. This is enough for all four guests to dine at the same time.

A relaxing chair is also placed there where you can enjoy the reading.

A large-sized window in front of this dining area gives you access to view the beauty spread outside the house. You feel like sitting under these beautiful trees and the open sky.

This wall of the room has a screen for the projector. And you definitely can enjoy the movie at night there. A beautiful mat is also placed at the entrance of the house.

A kitchen here having all the accessories to manage all the four guests during their stay. A refrigerator and a cooking range are placed on one side of the kitchen. Then comes the sink of the kitchen and the cabinets with the shelf. The facilities of the oven, dinnerware, and many other accessories are provided to the guests.

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The shelf of the kitchen is made of wood, and the edges of this are designed artistically. One wall is booked with the stands for placing the dishes and other pots for daily use.

Then comes the staircase. It leads to your cozy and clean bedroom having a double bed with blankets and a mattress over it. The spacious room has a reading chair for accomplishing your reading cravings and habits.

There’s a stuff manager at a corner of the house.

A side table beside the bed has a breathtaking lamp that makes the whole room dreamy. The giant windows in this room allow you to have a sight of all the greenery spread around. The air conditioner is there for the guests.

The fireplace is a remarkable and additional item of the house.

All the necessities for visiting the beach and for enjoying swimming are provided to the guests.

Next to the kitchen, there’re three doors. One door opens to the closet space for the guests. It’s not much wider but is okay according to the tiny house you’re living in.

Adjacent to this dressing room, there’s a bathroom. The first thing you’ll encounter in the bathroom is vanity there. The washbasin looks like a tree trunk having a bowl over it. The faucets are amazing and are fixed on the walls. And a sanitized mirror is fixed above this vanity.

The shower area is also there. It has the capability to give you hot and cold water considering the weather needs. The theme of this area is blue and gives relaxing vibes to you. And in front of the vanity is a toilet area.

The third door leads to the second bedroom of the house. There’s a queen-sized bed, and the side-table lamp of this room is heart throbbing. The wall-sized windows there are amazing as you feel like sitting among all the birds and the flowers around you in the forest. There’s a wall heater for the cold season as well.

Under this house, there’s a wooden table for sitting, and this additional space can be used as car parking as well.

At the back of this tiny house, there’s an amazing hot water tub. It has space for the whole four guests to enjoy the beauty around by sitting in this hot tub altogether.

Looking all these geographies of this tiny house, I’d recommend you to have the services of this tiny house to make your tour the best of all. So, don’t miss the golden chance and book your tour now !

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