Magnificent Conversion of the Old Truck

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Today we will show you motorhome from United Kingdom.

The price of this beautiful motorhome is £ 8,000

Description from Ebay

I’m considering selling my motorhome, 8000 o.n.o it’s a 1989 ford cargo, 38ft 17 tonnes, 5 rooms, rigid body requires class C to drive, currently SORN but starts and drives fine everytime, and would just need a Small bit of work on the electrics and some TLC to get it through it’s MOT.

It’s well insulated With kingspan And comes with a beautiful antique woodburning stove that keeps it cosy and you can also cook on, and is basically a self contained house, I’ve been living in it for the last 4 years. comfortably sleeps 5 but could also accommodate way more, huge wheels and off roads surprisingly well. a beautiful little home, would need to be towed from where it is or Driven straight to an mot testing place.
Selling cheap to avoid the faff of getting it to the mot place (I can’t personally drive it) but if no interest I’ll run it through it’s mot and be putting it back on the market for a fair bit more..

This could be your new dream tiny home, it’s surprisingly cheap to tax and insure (around £250 insurance with Adrian Flux) and road tax is only £190, if you don’t have a cat C or pre 1991 licence you can get one for around £365 on a one day course..

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