Makatıta Tiny House on Wheels

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We continue to explore for you. Our tour today, Makatıta Tiny House on Wheels.

The tiny house has become very popular lately. With its simple and modern style is one of the best examples of this.

In the middle of the peaceful and shady atmosphere of lush greenery, the living area of ​​182 square meters is a small residence with a stylish stance. Looking at one of nature’s most resilient organic structures for inspiration, its angular, wood-clad façade and slatted windows strikingly resemble the skeletal structure of a leaf reflecting the customer’s love and admiration or the exterior.

The various aspects of the Makatita are similar to those of the leaves, including interior volumes and storage areas, reminiscent of the creases in its structure when a leaf is folded over itself. The minimalist seating areas, a rustic heating element / stove, and slatted windows that mimic the diffusion of natural light in the forest keep the tiny house as comfortable as possible, while the outdoor deck, folding table and rooftop seating area help residents. to enjoy their surroundings even during downtime.

This is why potential buyers prefer these features. This seemingly simple house is also very popular on social media platforms and has been shared thousands of times.

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