Matt and Lisa’s Extraordinary Tiny House

Today we will talk about Matt and Lisa’s ultra-modern tiny house on wheels, which broke records with 50 million views on Youtube. With its jet black and elegant cedar trim, this modern masterpiece showcases a harmonious blend of shared passions: Lisa’s passion for tiny houses and Matt’s extraordinary building skills. The fascinating story began with a simple match on a dating app and led to a one-year journey culminating in the birth of this gorgeous residence.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House

Exterior Design and Architectural Features of the tiny house

Matt’s expertise as a builder shines through in every aspect of this home, evident in its striking black exterior and impressive height. The addition of charming modern shade fabrics that wrap around the deck gives this small abode an imposing appeal. Architecturally, the structure is sharp and aesthetically pleasing, captivating the beholder from every angle.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House

Interesting and Functional Touches

The house is filled with delightful and functional quirks, including a cat running behind, eliminating the need for an interior litter box while providing a safe space for beloved feline friends to play outside – an ingenious solution. The integration of this entry and exit point enhances the cat’s living experience by ensuring their safety and comfort.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House

Interior Design and Layout

When you enter inside, a truly fascinating interior welcomes you. The house is slightly taller than traditional mobile homes, which requires additional permits for relocation. However, this added height gives a tremendous sense of space and versatility, elevating the overall living experience. The interior reflects meticulous attention to detail, with flawless finishes and décor.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House


The spacious lounge area embodies artistic appeal, accentuated by a striking luminaire of hanging lights interspersed with lush leaves. A generously sized television and comfortable seating complete the relaxed yet stylish ambiance.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House


The large kitchen, perfectly finished, combines all the expected modern amenities and offers ample counter space for kitchen work. Appliances such as the refrigerator and oven have been cleverly placed under the stairs and the available space has been optimized.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House

Wardrobes and Bathroom :

A pair of mirrors on either side of the house hide her and her wardrobes, offering plenty of clothing storage space for the couple. Beyond the wardrobe area is an extraordinary bathroom, which is distinguished from traditional small houses. Exceptional tiling, mirrored walls with concealed storage, and an unexpectedly spacious layout evoke a sense of grandeur. A double shower, especially in the bathroom, is an extraordinary luxury in the realm of tiny homes.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House

Upper Area: Great sky view with skylights

Going upstairs once again reveals the difference of the house. The increased height provides standing space throughout, eliminating the need to bend over to access the roof bed. Plus, a handy walkway provides easy access to all areas of the home, including the guest loft. The presence of a series of skylights spanning the tiny house provides an ever-changing, breathtaking view of the sky.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House

It was a pleasure to discover this extraordinary little house. We recommend watching the comprehensive video tour we provided above to fully grasp the highlights and appeal of this residence. For more updates and insights into Matt and Lisa’s fascinating adventures, follow them on Instagram. Experience the embodiment of modern tiny life with its awe-inspiring tiny houses.

Photo Courtesy Living Big In A Tiny House

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